Boat Ramps - West Coast

Kōpū Boat Ramp

Off Quay Street, Kōpū 

Kopu boat ramp 

This ramp is suitable for large boats and is often used for haul-out, which means there can be restricted access at times. Smaller boats are better suited to other ramps when these activities are in progress. There is generally 1.5m of water available at low tide, unless in a spring tide. A north-westerly can present some issues when launching/retrieving. River currents can also be challenging if the wind is opposing the tide. Next closest ramps are Turua Boat Ramp and Tararū Ramp by the Thames Sailing Club for high tide launching.

4WD is preferable as this ramp is metalled.

There is limited parking when commercial operations are in progress. Parking area is also prone to flooding in king tide and storm events. There’s no launching or parking fees.

No toilets on site. Kōpū has a petrol station, bakery and pub. Turua is a few minutes south and has a cafe and boat ramp with good infrastructure.

Note: Kōpū boat ramp remains open but may be subject to sporadic, very short closures (around 30 mins at a time) from mid August to mid November 2023 as work takes place on the Kōpū Marine and Business Precinct.


Tararū Boat Ramp

Thames Coast Rd, SH25 (beside the Thames Sailing Club)

Tararu boat ramp

Launch two hours either side of high tide. Ideally caters to maximum boat and trailer length up to 5m. Check the marine forecast as wind opposing tides can result in dangerous conditions. Worst winds S, SW,W, NW and anything greater than 10 knots can be challenging to launch and retrieve boats.

No fees and charges. Parking for up to 15 boats and trailers. Please park away from the Thames Sailing Club buildings and doors. Additional parking available along SH25 if needed.

Nearest toilets at Kuranui Bay Reserve, Porritt Park outside Goldfields Mall, or Thames Civic Centre iSite. Petrol 2km away in Thames. Bait, drinks, snacks available 200m away at Tararū Store or in Thames.

There’s shallow fishing sometimes not exceeding 2-3 metres and the area is known for holding good snapper stocks year round.

The Sailing Club holds regattas so check website to avoid busy regatta days visit Thames Sailing or contact via e-mail.

Te Puru Boat Ramp

Seaview Avenue, Te Puru

Te Puru boat ramp

Ramp caters to maximum boat/trailer length up to 7m. All tide launch/retrieve is possible with tractor, also recommended at low tide with larger boats. Ramp very exposed to winds from all directions, except anything in the east.

Worst wind is westerly and anything greater than 10 knots can be challenging for launch/retrieval. If wind opposes tide, difficult conditions can result. Check marine forecast before going out.

Ample parking for more than 100 boats and trailers. $5 per launch, pay at the ramp honesty box. Annual fee $35, or an additional $50 includes year-round tractor access. One-off use of club tractor $5.

Flushing toilets on site. Clubhouse has kitchenette with jug for tea/coffee and dining room for members. Te Puru Store sells snacks, takeaways and bait. Waiomu Beach Café sells coffee, quality meals/snacks and has a bait store next door.

15 minute boat ride to mussel farms. Good snapper, kahawai and kingfish habitat all along this coast.

Puru Boat Club Inc has fishing competitions every year in late December and on Easter Sunday.

Contact Jenni Greenan to join the club.

Waiomu Boat Ramp

SH25 Thames Coast Road, Waiomu (opposite Trotters Avenue)

Waiomu boat ramp

Ramp easily accessible for launching and retrieving 2 hours either side of high tide. Ensure you are launching prior to high tide and ideally back at ramp no more than 2 hours after high tide. Worst winds: S, SW, W, NW. Winds greater than 10 knots can make it challenging to launch and retrieve boats. There’s a large rock hidden by high water, located on the northern side and immediately adjacent to the ramp. Keep a straight line to and from the ramp when launching or landing. If weather cuts up rough around high tide it may be possible to land up the estuary. This ramp is affected by sand movement covering the ramp at times after storm events.

No launching fees or charges. Next closest ramps are Ruamāhunga Boat Ramp 2 minutes north of this ramp or Te Puru Ramp 5 minutes south of Waiomu.

Flushing toilets and changing rooms are available 500m south of the ramp at the Waiomu domain. Bait shop in Waiomu next to the café sells tackle, a huge range of bait and is open early. Petrol available north at Tapu, 5 km. Food available at Waiomu Beach Cafe.

Good ramp option for kayaks and small boats that will have no problems with tide constraints. Wind opposing tide can result in difficult/dangerous conditions.

Waikawau Boat Ramp

SH25 Waikawau Bay, Thames Coast

Waikawau Boat Ramp

This ramp is used by a high number of boats a day over the summer peak so we encourage the use of other ramps to avoid delays and congestion.

Ruamāhunga Boat Ramp

SH25 Ruamāhunga Bay, Thames Coast

Ruamahunga Bay boat ramp

Ramp caters to maximum boat/trailer length ideally up to 5m. Launch 2-3 hours before high and fish up to high tide, which is the easiest retrieval time. You need be confident backing as the ramp is narrow, steep and tight. Fibreglass boats could find ramp too steep unless with a 4WD. Ramp very exposed to winds from the S, SW, W, NW. Good cover in a northerly, winds exceeding 10 knots can prove difficult to launch/retrieve. It can also be difficult to safely retrieve vessels around low tide.

No fees and charges. Limited parking for up to 15 boats and trailers. Next closest alternative is Waiomu Boat Ramp 2 mins south, or at Te Puru 5 mins south.

No toilets. Closest are south at Waiomu domain, or north at Tapu domain. Te Puru Store sells petrol, snacks, takeaways, bait. Waiomu Beach Café sells coffee, quality meals/snacks and has a bait store next door. Petrol also available at Tapu 5 mins north.

Access to some fantastic shallow fishing grounds, with snapper and kingfish found here and beyond. Great surfcasting spot at low tide.

Keretā Bay Boat Ramp

SH25, Thames Coast

Kereta boat ramp

This is a solid, all-tide, well-maintained concrete ramp. Wind can be the issue here, with ramp very exposed to winds from S, SW, W, NW. Check the forecast. Launching for vessels up to 7m. Vehicles may need to put their rear wheels in water at mid-tide due to a flat section of ramp. The club has provided a concrete tapered edge on the northern side that assists with launch/retrieval during mid-tide.

Annual membership, $30. Casual, $5 day. Parking for 20-30 boats and trailers with some extra parking across bridge. There is a turning bay beside the toilet. Set up before heading to this area and don’t park near turning bay. If parking across bridge on left, ensure farm gate is not obstructed.

Long-drop toilet on site. There are a number of bait stores up the coast. Petrol available at Tapu store. Te Puru and Tapu Stores sell takeaways, Waiomu Beach Café sells coffees and meals/snacks.

Access to amazing fishing grounds with most species found in this area. This is the closest ramp to mussel farms and last ramp before Coromandel hills.

$30 annual membership gives a couple and their children (up to 15-years) entry into monthly fishing competitions.
Contact Drew Edwards 027 437 5578to join the club.

Sugarloaf/Te Kōuma Boat Ramp

Te Kouma Road, off SH25, Coromandel

Sugarloaf boat ramp

With all-tide access, this ramp is located at a busy docking area for the mussel farming industry and during peak times becomes very congested. Relatively sheltered from most winds; strong northerlies can make launching challenging.

Parking is limited. Casual users $10 day, annual membership $90. Any size trailer boat can launch here but limited parking for up to 15 vehicles with boat trailers with some parking on Te Kouma Road. Alternative ramps 15 minutes north at Jacks Point, Coromandel Town or Keretā Boat Ramp, 25 minutes south. Prepare your boat in the car park prior to launching. Keep out of industry loading area when loading/unloading. Warden on site during weekends, public holidays and peak summer period.

Toilets and rubbish bin on site. Coromandel Town is 15 minutes away with petrol stations, cafes/restaurants, toilets and bait. Larger boats can access main channel and mussel farms within 15 minutes. Good snapper, kahawai and kingfish habitat.

Excellent access to fishing and diving grounds with most species found in this area. Avoid weekends and school holiday peak times where possible.

Jacks Point Boat Ramp

Long Bay Road, Coromandel

Jack's Point boat ramp

This ramp is a double-lane concrete ramp. Due to silting and dredging this area is generally only accessible 2 hours either side of high tide. The channel has been recently dredged and provides for sheltered launching either side of high tide. Channel markings are in place to assist with entry/exit to deeper water.

No fees and charges. There is plenty of parking for approximately 100+.

Toilets and shops are within walking distance of this ramp. Coromandel Town has shops, pub, cafes and petrol. Alternate ramps at Long Bay, 3kms north or Sugarloaf 8kms south.

Access to fishing, diving and food gathering spots a short boat ride away. Excellent food and accommodation available in Coromandel Town minutes away.

Ōāmaru Bay Boat Ramp

SH25 opposite #420 in Ōāmaru Bay

Oamaru Bay boat ramp

This is a single lane concrete ramp which can be used for launching for boats and trailers up to 7m. Launch 2.5 hours before high tide and ensure that you are back at ramp no more than 2 hours after high tide for adequate time/water to retrieve. Worst winds here are S, SW, and W.

No fees or charges; however this may change in the future. Parking is limited to grass/beach area. When parking please be thoughtful of families who use this area for picnics and games. Have someone watching as you reverse, as children may be present. Closest alternative ramps are Jacks Point 8km south.

Toilets are 100m south of the ramp. Bait available at Coromandel, 8km away. Petrol 8km south at Fureys Creek

Mussel farms within easy reach. Good area for snapper kingfish and kahawai. There’s a fully operational tourist park so please be aware of children and families using grass areas adjacent to ramp. A very good kayak/small craft access point to very good fishing.

Contact Les & Ana Cooper Oamaru Bay Tourist Park 07 866 7588 for an accommodation booking.

Long Bay Boat Ramp

Long Bay, Coromandel Town

Long Bay boat ramp

This is a single lane concrete ramp with no charge to launch. Ideally boats up to 5.5m use this ramp and launch 2 hours either side of high tide, no more than 1.5 hours after high tide to ensure adequate time/water to retrieve. Firm sand 3 hours either side high for 4WD. Worst winds here are SW, W and NW. Tractor may be available for hire to launch check with camp staff.

This is an operating campground and parking is limited during peak times. Please check with campground managers to ensure that you park in the correct area. For safety please make sure you have someone watching as you reverse in busy periods, watch for children. Gates are locked from 10.30pm-6.30 am.

Toilets are just outside camp gate; there is a shop on site for bait/snacks. Campground managers may offer access to wash-down facilities for a fee and on request. Petrol is 3km at Fureys Creek GAS station or Coromandel Town.

A good kayak/small craft access point to very good fishing. Contact Des & Leanne 07 866 8720 for campground reservations.

Amodeo Bay Boat Ramp

Colville Main Road, Amodeo Bay

Amodeo Bay boat ramp

This is a single lane concrete ramp catering to maximum boat/trailer length of 7.5m, Larger boats have trouble 2 hours either side of low tide. You need to stay close to the breakwater; don’t creep down towards the shore on a half-tide as rocks are present.

No charge for self-launch. Parking limited up to maximum of 8 trailers boats.

No facilities on site. Consider staying a night at Anglers Lodge as owners will launch and retrieve for you, as well as having fantastic boat cleaning, fish filleting facilities, BBQ area and café. Camp shop at Papa Aroha, 3.6km south, and Coromandel Town, 18.6km south which has a variety of shops, pub, cafes and petrol.

This area has fantastic deep water and reef fishing in the area, along with amazing bird activity and island fishing within easy reach.