Whangamata Boardwalk Project

Our survey is now closed.

Concept Plan 

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We’ve got two proposals for the route of a wooden boardwalk running along Whangamata’s beachfront, which will protect our dune systems and promote better walking access, and we want to hear what option you prefer.

“This boardwalk will improve pedestrian and cycling connections along the beachfront and improve and enhance Whangamata’s precious dune system,” says Whangamata Community Board Chair Ken Coulam. “The walkway will also seek to improve beach access points along the esplanade to reduce erosion issues and wind-blown sand."

"The boardwalk will be a shared pathway, allowing people to walk from Hunt Road through to the esplanade and Williamson Park," says Mr Coulam. "This will be a real asset to the waterfront, as well as providing opportunities to reduce impact on our precious dune environment and provide a staged dune planting programme."

"To make the project affordable to ratepayers, our Board have prioritised budget for the first stage of the walkway from Mooloo Cresent to the Whangamata Surf Club at Williamson Park," says Mr Coulam.

There’s two route alignment options between Mooloo Crescent and the Esplanade that we want to get feedback on:

  • Option one (green): A walkway encouraging people through the crest of the dune system, or
  • Option two (red): an alignment that follows the existing informal pathway back from the coast.

We also want to hear what you think about the proposed re-alignment of the beach accessways along the Esplanade and any other comments in general about the design. 

The project also includes new seating, landscaping and improved access points from surrounding streets.

"The project also offers the opportunity to provide some cultural elements, as well as subtle lighting along the Esplanade," says our project manager, Ross Ashby. "There will be some dune re-shaping, particularly along the Esplanade to move windblown sand to the seaward side of the dunes to provide further erosion protection."

Public feedback was provided from 30 December- 9 Febraruy.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact the Project Manager Ross Ashby on 027 510 9079 or e-mail ross.ashby@tcdc.govt.nz

Consultation so far:


Snapshot from the Coromandel Blueprint.

The boardwalk project has been a priority for the Whangamata community since 2011, as part of our Council's district-wide consultation process, which resulted in the Coromandel Blueprint. This Blueprint was endorsed by local communities (as they had driven the direction) and adopted by Community Boards and our Council. Key moves identified by the Whangamata community under this plan included improved cycle and walkway linkages around the harbour, as a means of improving liveability and connectivity for residents and visitors. 

The Blueprint document went on to inform the review of our planning rules via the District Plan, (under the Resource Management Act).

The Whangamata Community Board proposed a budget for the boardwalk project as part of the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan (LTP). This was endorsed by our Council. All councils consult every three years as part of the Long Term planning process. (See below for further information).

The “2018 Long Term Plan Consultation Document” highlighted “Major projects happening in the Whangamata area” on page 25 and 26 and included Whangamata Beach Boardwalk Extensions. A handout was made available to community groups and at Council Offices for the public which featured “Proposed Projects in the Whangamata Community Board Area”. There was also an advertisement in the Coastal News which directed people to find out more on Easter Sunday at the Whangamata Market or to visit our website (tcdc.govt.nz/ltp). We also held a public meeting on Saturday, 17 March 2018 from 3pm to 5pm at the Whangamata Memorial Hall.

Advertising and promotion of our 2018-2028 Long Term Plan and opportunities to speak with staff ran on all major radio stations, and in all district-wide and local newspapers leading up to and during the consultation. A rates demand insert was delivered to over 17,000 ratepayers’ homes, with an email attachment included for another 1,000 or so. Billboards promoting the Long Term Plan consultation period were erected on major transport routes around the district. Promoted online advertisements for the Long Term Plan were targeted to Thames-Coromandel based users through Metservice, Google, Facebook and NZ Herald.

Following support and submissions on the project through the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan, we begun a targeted consultation on the proposed route alignment in December 2020 with advertising on Council’s website, email newsletters, Our Coromandel magazine 2019-2020, Mayor Sandra’s More FM radio slot, Coastal News advert, and social media. Letters were sent on 20 December 2019 to all adjoining property owners from the Whangamata Surf Club through to Hunt Road.

A range of views were shared at a public drop-in session (27 January 2020) about the proposed Whangamata Boardwalk, which will now be taken back to the Community Board for discussion at its February meeting.

"We note in the feedback so far that some people feel they were not aware of the project – or may even oppose the boardwalk project," says our Council's Project Manager Ross Ashby. "At the drop-in session, it was suggested that the survey be extended by two weeks, however this is not possible as we need to collate the information and views in time to present to the Whangamata Community Board at its next meeting (10am, Tuesday 18 February at our Whangamata Service Centre, 620 Port Rd) for consideration on the direction of the project."

View the presentation from the drop-in session and concept plans, read the frequently asked questions on the top roght-hand side of this page, or at our Whangamata Service Centre, 620 Port Road.

We understand there are Whangamata ratepayers who are absentee property owners, so please subscribe to our email newsletters if you feel you’re not getting updates: tcdc.govt.nz/subscribe.

More details about the boardwalk design below:

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