District Plan

Our District Plan manages land use and subdivision in the Thames-Coromandel District. Here you will find links to the Plan's objectives, policies, rules, maps, and referenced standards.

District Plan - Appeals

The Proposed District Plan - Decisions Version was notified for Appeals during 2016. Appeals closed in June 2016 and TCDC received 72 appeals over a range of sections of the Plan. These appeals can be found on the District Plan - Appeals page using the link below.

Following the receipt of appeals, a 'marked up' version of the Proposed District Plan was prepared. The provisions of the Plan which are subject to an Environment Court appeal have been highlighted in RED and annotated with the Council's appeal number (e.g. A46).

As Consent Orders are issued by the Environment Court, they will be updated using the page link below.  Sections of the Plan will also be updated, saved as PDF's and also available using the page link below.

To read more on the District Plan - Appeals, Consent Notices and updates to the Proposed District Plan - Appeals Version, click here.

District Plan - Decisions

On 6 April 2016 the Council adopted the Hearing Panel's recommended decisions on the Proposed District Plan and Variation 1 - Natural Character. 

The Council decisions comprise 31 Decision Reports prepared by the District Plan Hearings Panel, along with the Decisions Version of the planning text (including the appendices) and the Planning Maps.  The Decision Reports document the Hearing Panel's recommendations to the Council on a Plan section/topic basis.  The recommended decision section of each report details whether the Hearing Panel adopted the Staff recommendations from the Section 42 Hearing Report and where the Panel recommended additional changes to those recommended by staff.

Our new District Plan took effect on 29 April 2016 but until any appeals are settled, some provisions of the previous (Operative) District Plan remain in force.

Read more on the District Plan - Decisions here.

District Plan - Proposed

(and Referenced Technical Documents)

The Proposed District Plan was notified for public consultation on 13 December 2013.

Over 1,200 people made submissions regarding the Proposed District Plan, totalling over 12,000 submissions points.

Hearings were held during September 2014 - May 2015.  During the hearings process, Council sought a Variation (Variation 1 - Natural Character) to reintroduce natural character objectives, policies, rules and overlay maps into the Proposed District Plan.  Public consultation was invited during November - December in 2015 and the hearing took place 25-26 February 2016. 

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District Plan - Operative

View the Operative District Plan text and maps here.