Dog Registration and Fees

Councils work in partnership with the Central Government to administer the Dog Control Act of 1996. All dog owners are subject to the terms and conditions set down in the Act and must register all dogs aged over three months with their local Council.

Keeping track of your dog - it's the law to register your dog

You can pay the fee for the 1 July 2018 - 30 June 2019 registration year beginning 1 June 2018.

The Dog Control Act requires all dogs over the age of three months to be registered each year. You should ensure your dog wears its registration tag at all times.

It’s also a good idea to have your name and phone number on a dog tag, so you can be easily contacted if your dog gets lost.

All newly registered dogs also need to be microchipped. For more information see our Microchipping your dog section.

Registering your dog for the first time on the Coromandel.

If your dog is ordinarily resident in the district and is 3 months old or more, then you must register your dog with us.  When you do, we will require details of your dog including: 

  • a description of its breed, colour and size;
  • any distinguishing marks, identification tattoos or details if microchipped;
  • the age and sex of the dog including whether it has been neutered.  A vet certificate is required.

Under the Act, we are also required to obtain the full name, address and date of birth of dog owners as proof of identification.

Once the registration fee is received, your dog will be issued with a tag which must be worn by the dog at all times.  The registration tag belongs to the dog, not the owner.  If you sell or give away your dog, the tag must go with it as proof of registration. 

Replacement tags are available free of charge.

You can pick up a dog registration form at a Council Service Centre. When you come, bring your photo I.D. (like a drivers license or a passport) as well.

We don't have the registration form available online because our staff like to use the opportunity with new dog owners to tell them about our dog exercise areas and the restrictions on beaches at certain times of the year and other useful tips.

Changes to your circumstances

Please use the "Dog Maintenance Form" to notify us of the following:

  • A change of owner
  • If your dog has died
  • For all dog registration fee refund requests
  • If your dog is located at a new physical address
  • If your dog no longer resides in the Thames-Coromandel District

This form can be downloaded from the 'download box' on this page or click here.

Re-registering your dog

If your dog is currently registered with us, you can pay your annual fee by credit card or credit/debit card or account to account using our online payment facility. Using this method eliminates the need to fill in the Dog Maintenance form and your tag will be mailed out to you.

You will need to have your dog reference number as shown on your renewal letter to use the online payment service. If any details on this letter are incorrect, please update the details using the Dog Maintenance Form before making a payment.

Alternatively you can pay your annual fee by sending the payment back with the notice we sent out, and you can use this notice to update any incorrect details. You don't need to come to an office unless you want to pay over-the-counter.

Cost of registration

We have a flat fee structure which means we don’t charge different rates for urban and rural or sexed or desexed dogs, the only exceptions being guide dogs and dogs classified as dangerous.

All fees and charges are inclusive of GST. 

All dogs except guide dogs and dangerous dogs Per dog $75.00
Working farm dogs in excess of three registered to the same owner. (For the first three working dogs, standard dog fees apply, for the fourth and additional dogs, there is no charge. A statutory declaration must be provided with application). Per dog No charge
Dangerous dogs. Per dog $110.00
Guide dogs. Per dog No charge
Penalty fees shall be charged at an additional 50% of annual dog registrations that remain unpaid as at 1 August of each financial year.
Pro Rata dog registration fee

Where the following applies a Pro Rata dog registration fee can be charged by discretion of a Dog Control Officer

  • Where a dog has been imported into NZ after August 2nd of the current registration year.
  • Where a dog older than 3 months has been in possession of the owner for lessthan 3 months within the currentregistration year*

*Pro Rata fee - determined by dividing the registration fee payable for a full year by 12; and multiplying that amount by thenumber of complete monthsremaining in the registration year.

The only exceptions to the flat fee are: 

  1. Guide/hearing ear dogs which are not charged a fee for registering; and
  2. Dogs classified as dangerous, which are charged an extra 50% of the normal fee.
A working/stock dog is any dog kept by any person earning their main income from sheep or cattle farming, solely or primarily for the herding or driving of stock.

To obtain a rebate for fourth and subsequent dogs, a statutory declaration must be completed and attached to your registration papers.  Forms are available from all Council Service Centres or can be downloaded here.


Registration for the 1 July to 30 June year can be paid from 1 June. 

Penalty fees shall be charged at an additional 50% of annual dog registrations that remain unpaid as at 1 August of each year

Owners of unregistered dogs are liable for a $300 instant fine.

Payment options

You can pay online, by credit card (2.1% surcharge) or account-to-account, if the details on your renewal notice are correct. Dog tags will be mailed to the address that the notice was sent to.

You can pay by cash, cheque, debit card or credit card (2.4% surcharge) if you bring your renewal notice to the counter at one of our service centres.

You can mail a cheque, or bring it to the counter at one of our service centres, along with the renewal notice.

If paying by account-to-account online banking, please use the service on this website. If you pay account-to-account from your banks website you will need to mail your renewal notice form or bring it to the counter.

Postal address

Dog registrations
Thames-Coromandel District Council
Private Bag, Thames, 3540

Relocation or transfer of dogs

Please remember to notify us of any changes regarding where your dog will be living.

If the dog is going to live in another district, the Council must be notified within 6 weeks.

Change of ownership of any dogs must be notified to Council within 14 days.

Please use the "Dog Maintenance Form" from the download box on the right-hand side of this page to notify us of any changes to the ownership of your dog, if it has died or if it has moved address.

National Dog Database and Microchipping

In accordance with Government law changes that became effective on 1 July 2006, Thames-Coromandel dog owners will have their details recorded on a National Dog Database. 

Dogs registered for the first time will need to be microchipped.  If you have been given a dog and cannot provide proof of registration, then it will be required to be microchipped.

In addition to new registrations all dogs classified as dangerous or menacing on or after 1 December 2003, and dogs that are impounded for a second time will have to be microchipped.

A vet certificate will be required as proof that the dog has been microchipped in accordance with the Act. Please ensure that this is provided to you when your dog is implanted.

Any dog owners affected by the new law who are found after 1 July 2006, with a dog that is not micro-chipped will be reminded of their legal obligation to comply and may be issued with an infringement notice and face prosecution, if they ignore these warnings.