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Cyclone Cody: On-going updates

13 January 2022

Watch this page for on-going updates about the approaching Cyclone Cody.

The Coromandel to ‘bear the brunt’ of Cyclone Cody

Updated Thursday 13 January 2022


MetService has this afternoon confirmed that the Coromandel is going to ‘bear the brunt’ of ex-Tropical Cyclone Cody when it makes landfall early on Monday morning. 

Huge seas up to six metres, strong winds exceeding 70kmh, and periods of intense rain up to 50mm over any three-hour period are forecast. 

Our Civil Defence Controller Garry Towler urges all people living and staying along the coast, and especially those who plan to be camping between Sunday afternoon and Tuesday to start making plans to be prepared for this heavy weather. 

“While a storm such as this can be exciting, it can also be life threatening. For those in permanent houses or baches, take the next day or two to secure everything outside, have a go bag ready, check flashlights and gas bottles and discuss an exit plan with others in the household.” 

For those camping, consider moving further inland, go home for a few days until the storm passes or discuss safety plans with your campground managers.” 

Travelling during the storm will likely be hazardous. Err on the side of caution and be in a safe place by Sunday evening.” 

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Gale force winds and huge seas to accompany Cyclone Cody

Updated Friday 14 January 2022


Ex-Tropical Cyclone Cody has veered further East overnight, sparing the Coromandel the worst of the direct impact. However, we aren’t out of the woods just yet. Cyclone Cody is still going to deliver a few wild and windy days ahead.

MetService is forecasting the Coromandel will still experience gale force winds, huge seas, and heavy rain from Sunday night through to next Tuesday.

“We still need to be extremely cautious over the next few days and plan ahead” says our Civil Defence Controller Garry Towler.

Our Council’s Emergency Management Team is advising everyone to plan and be in a safe place by late afternoon on Sunday with supplies for last for 24 hours, including provisions if power is out for some time.

Camper vans and motor homes need to move away from the coast for the next two days and park up at two safe locations; the Mercury Bay Sports Park in Whitianga, or the Shoppers carpark next to Goldfields Mall in Thames.

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