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Use the "News via RSS" link below to stay updated on the news and event announcements from Thames-Coromandel District Council's RSS Feeds.


What is an RSS feed?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. If it helps, you could call it “Read Some Stuff” instead.

Use the "News via RSS" link above to subscribe.

How do RSS feeds work?

You don't need to understand them to use them. But in case you're curious and like explanations (which we assume you are since you're reading this), when you subscribe to RSS feeds from news websites, podcasts, blogs, and more, all the latest headlines automatically show in your browser or reader.

Web browsers like Safari, Firefox or Chrome can show you RSS readers as easily as any normal website.

RSS feeds can give you more than just text too. You can subscribe to podcasts and videos in iTunes and You-Tube with a single click. They use RSS feed to update you every time a new one comes out. You can tell if your browser has one if you can instantly read our latest news headlines when you click on the "News via RSS" link near the top of this page. (If you can't Google has a free reader you can use. Just, er, Google it.)

iPad apps and more

Council’s iPad news app due for release before summer uses RSS feeds. The app shows all the latest news headlines from our news RSS feed categories.

When people make news apps (like the TVNZ, TV3, Stuff or New Zealand Herald apps), they use the RSS feed urls to make the latest news show up on the app every time you start it.

Why bother?

There are advantages, because in the ‘old days’ of the web, if you wanted to keep track of new stuff on your favourite websites, you had to bookmark them and manually return to them regularly to see what had been added. You had to do all the work. 

Think how hard it can be to try to keep track of the myriad of Council projects and meetings by manually clicking around this website. Especially if there's a new one you didn't know about.

Now, you can just select the RSS feeds and get all your Council news updates to come to you. They just turn up as headlines in a special tab of your browser or reader.

Also, if you have a blog and you want to show your latest entries on another website, such as LinkedIn or another social networking site you use, you have to get the RSS url from your blog webpage and copy it into the settings on those other sites. It's ridiculously easy after you've done it once.

It can feel a bit weird to make the change to RSS, but as our head webby person here at Council says, "it’s a little like web chocolate; once you start, it’s hard to stop.”

At Thames-Coromandel District Council, we have RSS feeds for all of our main news categories, such as Civil Defence, road conditions, water shutdowns, Council projects, news by ward area and more.

Go forth and "Read Some Stuff!"

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