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Our weekly wrap-up: Matariki – a time for remembering, celebrating and looking forward

23 June 2022

Stay in the know with the weekly wrap-up of our latest Council project news, important dates and information about what's happening in our district.

Matariki – a time for remembering, celebrating and looking forward

Aotearoa New Zealand will celebrate Matariki as a public holiday this Friday 24 June. 

#MATARIKI Hauraki uri seek to revive ancient Matariki knowledge. Hauraki uri, Garth Watene, entered the sacred realms of Te Whare Tāhuhu Kōrero o Pare Hauraki to capture their story. Mānawatia a Matariki.Matariki is important to the people of Hauraki. It’s interwoven in identity, culture, place-names and way of being.

Te Whare Tāhuhu Kōrero o Hauraki facilitated a traditional style Matariki event called Te Umu Kohukohu on Sunday morning, where hundreds of people attended, as tangata whenua celebrated Matariki, the rising of the stars with a traditional fire, food offerings, karakia, karanga, and waiata. You can watch more here.

Our Council offices and district libraries will be closed on Friday; however, you can still contact us for urgent matters by calling 07 868 0200.

Our Refuse Transfer Stations will be open to their Sunday hours on Friday 24 June.

Consent tracker offline 

Consent tracker is currently offline while we do some much needed maintenance and upgrades.

We expect to have it back up and running by mid-July. In the meantime, we are operating an interim service through our Customer Services team who can provide information on a current building or resource consent application, or historical information on a single property. Please contact Customer Services on  07 868 0200 or for further information.

Communities consider sea level rise plans  

A final round of public meetings will be held in Te Puru, Colville, Tairua and Whangamatā this weekend as part of the Shoreline Management Plan project. 

They’re a chance for communities to provide feedback on the specific adaptation plans for sea level rise in their area. In some areas, the proposed course of action is to retreat over the long-term. 

“We’re being as clear and direct as possible about the risks facing some of our vulnerable communities, based on the data we’ve analysed over this three year project,” says Project Lead Amon Martin. “This final round of meetings is giving us valuable insights into what action people want us to take and the risks they’re prepared to tolerate.” 

The Plan will set the relative sea level rise thresholds that will trigger adaptation responses, which includes sea level change that results from vertical land movements, such as subsidence.  

Among the adaptation options are raising floor levels, building up hard defences, improving dune management and planting, as well as staging managed retreat. 

“The important thing to remember is that while there is uncertainty about how quickly things may change, our plan gives us the flexibility to take action when see certain levels of sea level rise - regardless of what is causing that rise, or the rate at which it is happening,” says Project Manager Amon Martin. 

The SMP Project is being supported by consultants Royal Haskoning DHV, who have done detailed analysis of the available data. 

To see the details for the public meetings visit

Shout out to our volunteers

National volunteers weekOur Council would like to acknowledge the collective energy and mana of the volunteers in our Thames-Coromandel communities as part of National Volunteer Week – Te Wiki Tūao ā-Motu (19-25 June). Thank you volunteers for your amazing generosity and dedication. Our district wouldn’t be the same without you.

Age Concern to move into Thames Civic Centre

Thames Community Board has endorsed Age Concern Hauraki-Coromandel sub-leasing the office space in Thames War Memorial Civic Centre formerly occupied by Destination Coromandel.

Members of the Thames Community Board with Age Concern’s Manager Glenis Bell. L-R: Thames Community Board Member Sheryll FitzPatrick, Board Deputy Chair Cherie Staples, Glenis Bell, Board Member Peter Revell and Thames Ward Councillors Martin Rodley and Robyn Sinclair.Destination Coromandel holds the lease from our Council for the office space but has moved to the Civic Centre space where the i-SITE used to be located.

Destination Coromandel will not charge any rent to Age Concern.

Age Concern approached Destination Coromandel to sub-lease the space as they need to relocate from their current premises at the Thames Community Centre at 609 Mackay Street.

Photo: Members of the Thames Community Board with Age Concern’s Manager Glenis Bell. L-R: Thames Community Board Member Sheryll FitzPatrick, Board Deputy Chair Cherie Staples, Glenis Bell, Board Member Peter Revell and Thames Ward Councillors Martin Rodley and Robyn Sinclair.

Get ready for local elections

Thinking about running for Mayor, Councillor or Community Board Member? Nominations open Friday 15 July.

People interested in standing for election are invited to attend a candidate information briefing to hear about the electoral process (the do’s and don’ts), responsibilities and expectations if elected and to meet our electoral officers.

Saturday, 9 July

  • Whangamatā Council Office, 620 Port Road at 10:00am - 12:00 noon.
  • Tairua St Francis House, 248 Main Road at 1:30pm - 3:30pm
  • Whitianga Mercury Bay Council Office (rear of building), 10 Monk Street at 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Sunday 10 July

  • Coromandel Town Council Office, 355 Kapanga Road at 10:00am - 12:00 noon
  • Thames War Memorial Civic Centre, 200 Mary Street at 2:00pm - 4:00pm.

Registration to attend is not required. For further information, contact Esther Smith, Committee Advisor on 07 868 0200.

The School of Government at Victoria University of Wellington is also hosting a two-hour webinar to help you understand what the role involves and how you can develop your skills to fulfil it.

Join via zoom by clicking this link at 8.30pm to 10.30 on 30 June, or watch the recording here after the event.

Go to for information on how to make sure you can vote. On the same page you'll find the Ratepayer Enrolment form, for people who own a property in our district but don't normally live here - you can vote in our local elections too.

We are All Go for Dog Rego

If you have a dog, it's time to renew its registration for 2022/23.

All go for dog rego 2022You have until 31 July to renew before the late penalty fee applies from 1 August. 

The dog registration fee for the 2022/23 financial year is $85 for all dogs except guide dogs and dangerous dogs. Special rebates also apply to working dogs registered in groups larger than three.  

The tag’s colour for the year is green, and this is your green light to get online or into a Council office to register your dog. You can find more information on how to update your information, renew dog registration, or register a new dog at  

Our condolences to any owners who may receive a renewal letter if their pet has recently passed away. You can let us know by giving us a call on 07 868 0200 or emailing us at 

For more information on dog registration and fees see:  

Robinson Rd boat ramp, Mercury Bay - Old dinghys and unused boats stored will be removed from Robinson Road boat ramp by the end of this month. Recreational reserves are not places to dump unused dinghys or boats and not a place to store boats. Our reserves are used in many ways and need to be kept clear for access to the shore to allow for walking, picnics, swimming and maintainance.

Dune planting season - Earthworks prepping for planting will start next week in Otama, Opitio Bay and The Esplanade, Whitianga. Get involved with one our dune planting days. See

Stolen waratahs, again - This is the fourth time dune fencing has been stolen over the past few months which comes at a cost and puts the dunes at risk. A police report has been filed and we ask nearby residents to please inform us if you see anyone removing the fencing.

Thames Aquatic and Sports Facilities Survey


Meetings and Community Board updates

Thames Community Board meeting

[photo caption – for the one sent] Front L-R: Area Manager Thames Rosaleen Ward, Thames Community Board Member Peter Revell, Thames Community Board Deputy Chair Cherie Staples; Back L-R: Thames Community Board Chair Strat Peters, Thames Community Board Member Sheryll FitzPatrick, artist Kylie Gunn, [on-screen] artist Erika Pearce, Thames Ward Councillors Robyn Sinclair and Martin Rodley.

Front L-R: Area Manager Thames Rosaleen Ward, Thames Community Board Member Peter Revell, Thames Community Board Deputy Chair Cherie Staples; Back L-R: Thames Community Board Chair Strat Peters, Thames Community Board Member Sheryll FitzPatrick, artist Kylie Gunn (standing), artist Erika Pearce (on screen), Thames Ward Councillors Robyn Sinclair and Martin Rodley. 

Mural artists thanked

Three artists whose talents have brightened up Thames town centre were officially thanked in a presentation by Thames Community Board. Mural painters Kylie Gunn, Rick Fisher (Ngāti Maru) and Erika Pearce were praised for their contribution to enhancing the town’s appearance, inspiring both residents and visitors. Their striking murals celebrate the area’s natural beauty, including its bird life.

Create the Vibe extended

The Create the Vibe space in Mary Street, Thames, will stay in place until June next year so we can assess its use over the coming summer – with the potential to host more events due to the lessening of COVID-19 restrictions.

Thames Community Board agreed that the space had added to the cultural life of the town but acknowledged that closing vehicular access between Queen Street and Pollen Street had raised concerns from some residents.

Community groups can book the use of the container free of charge for community activities and displays.

From late March 2023 we’ll be conducting further public engagement to seek feedback. Staff will report back to Thames Community Board by 30 June next year.

Kōpū Business and Marine Precinct project

A contribution of up to $1.4 million from the Thames Urban General-Purpose Reserve has been approved by Thames Community Board to go towards meeting a funding shortfall of $6.58 million for the Kōpū Business and Marine Precinct project.

The shortfall is due to an increase in construction costs between the Ministry for Business and Industry (MBIE) approving funding in 2020 and resource consent being granted in 2022.

The project involves building a new commercial marine facility, which includes a wharf, pontoon, boat slipway and haulage access area, as well as a recreational boat ramp and trailer parking area. It was granted full resource consent under the Government’s Fast Track process in March this year.

The business case provides analytics on how, when built, the facility will help create new jobs and apprenticeships to the area, improve opportunities for local businesses and the aquaculture industry.

Tairua-Pāuanui Community Board meeting 

Local group’s request to have their Community Board grants rolled over to the next year were decided by the Board.

They were:

  • Central Kids Tairua Kindergarten
  • A request from the Hikuai Hall Committee for discretionary funding for hall repairs was declined and any further requests deferred until the committee formed an Incorporated Society and entered into a lease of the hall with Council

Other decisions:

  • A license for JK’s Kitchen to operate at Royal Billy Point to JK's Kitchen was approved, along with the extension of an existing license to Outback Surf School at Surf Club Reserve and South End Reserve for a further one year.
  • Cory Park Domain Netball Courts resurfacing. A request was received during public forum for the resurfacing of the Cory Park Domain tennis and netball courts to be tiger turf.
  • Our Council are looking to submit a resource consent to allow flood protection works at Pāuanui Holland.  The consent will cover in-stream works that includes regrading/reshaping the stream to increase capacity, and a high flow bypass stormwater system along Mount Avenue. We are just waiting to get the final consent forms from the various property owners, with a view to submit the consent by the end of the month.

Tairua Skate park project update

Our Council is in the process of procuring a proposal to carry out Stage Two which is delivery and construction.   This will include the formation of a community design reference group to work with experts to finalise design.

Stage One involved extensive community consultation on the appetite for, and preferred site of, the Tairua Skatepark. This comprehensive consultation process included site walk-throughs, in-person public meetings, online public meetings and digital surveys -

Whangamatā Community Board meeting

  •  The Board approved for the Whangamatā Swimming Pool Inc. to retain their grant of $1436.28 for accounting and ongoing website development costs into the 2022/2023 grant year.
  •  Recreational Services secured a short-term lease for Council land at 101 Lindsay Road, Whangamatā in 2021. 
  •  The Board will also be recommending to Council to extend its current existing licenses (listed her - link) to Licensed Commercial Operators for a further term of one year starting 1 July 2022 and ending 30 June 2023, to allow officers time to further refine the application process.

Public toilet upgrades: The public toilets at Island View Reserve and Martyn Rd were demolished this week and port-a-loos are in place. Installation is planned to start late July with completion on track for end of August. The showers at Island View Reserve are still working.

The new toilet at Beach Rd playground is also on track for installation at the end of July. Major consideration has gone into the design to preserve this site. 

Water meters: Nearly all of the materials have arrived and you may see contractors out assessing tobies. This project is on track to be finished by the end of September.

Upcoming meetings:


Updates from Chorus

Chorus Power Sense is a new Application Programming Interface (API) from Chorus that aims to make New Zealand better by improving the reliability of the power to people's homes. 

In partnership with New Zealand lines companies, Chorus has used a lean innovation practice to prototype and test a solution to share the power status of their Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) with lines companies. So if a customer ONT loses power, it sends an alarm to their exchange equipment (Optical Line Termination, OLT) called a 'Last Gasp'. 

The data is provided in near real-time, allowing lines companies to quickly identify if power is on or off in a home, street, or suburb. The lines companies will match this data with existing datasets to gain substantially improved visibility of their network and outages, ultimately leading to quicker restoration and more reliable power delivery. 

Voice services over copper: Chorus is aware that some service providers have informed customers that they will no longer be offering voice services over the copper network.  Unfortunately there is not much Chorus can do here, apart from reiterating that they are not removing or switching off the copper network where there is no fibre alternative.

The copper retirement is in urban areas where there has been fibre available to quite some time. It is most definitely not in rural areas.

Chorus is not allowed to provide services  so the recommendations are that these residents take their cases to the Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Service (TDRS) and ask them to investigate, particularly if there is no mobile or fixed wireless alternative -