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Whangamata Community Board meet to discuss boardwalk, skate park and more

19 May 2020

Our Whangamata Community Board met today by audio/video link.

Click here to watch the unedited recording of the meeting. Or, it is available on our website at

Below is a summary of what was discussed. You can view the full agenda here.

Whangamata Boardwalk Extension Project


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Following community direction for improved walking and cycling connections around Whangamata’s coastal edge, the Board proposed a budget in the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan for a boardwalk extension from the existing boardwalk at the Surf Club through to Hunt Road. 

“We want to make it clear that we’re not going near the dunes at this stage, just along the Esplanade,” says Board Chair Ken Coulam.

The Board is recommending to Council:

  • Construction of the boardwalk is halted until the outcome of the resource consent and concession process under the Conservation Act are determined.
  • That a carry forward of the already rated for and unspent budget for this financial year ($295,000) is retained through to the following financial year to complete the Esplanade section of the project, and that the dune section of the project and remaining budget ($179,000) be put on hold until the outcome of the Annual Plan process so that the Board can consider the overall rating impact to local ratepayers given the potential economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Staff to progress discussions with the Department of Conservation (DOC) in favour of a control and management agreement of the Marginal Strip land which the boardwalk is planned to be constructed on. Also, to engage further with adjoining residents, iwi and DOC as part of the detailed design process and to provide clarity around the land ownership.
  • Supports the investigation and construction of a 10m trial boardwalk to be installed at a beach access along the Esplanade.
  • Defer the construction of the concrete footpath budget for 2021/2022.

The Archaeological and Ecological assessments are available on our website – A Coastal Report is in progress and will also be made available on our website once it is completed.

Further information and details will be sent our later this week. Sign-up for our e-newsletter for updates or you can view the comprehensive report here.

Shoreline Management Plans

  • The Board nominated Tamzin Letele to represent Whangamata for the South-East Coastal Panel with Dave Ryan as her deputy -

Commercial Operators Licenses on Council Reserves

The Board discussed the following applications for a term of two years from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2022 and recommends the following to Council:

  • Approved: Whangamata Surf School - Beach Access 8 – Staff to discuss potentially moving slightly to the north between access 7 and 8.
  • Declined: Whangamata Surf School – Williamson Park – Their preference was approved so they have no need of this site.
  • Approved: Whangamata Cycle and Outdoors, Pedal and Paddle – Beach Access 15 and Beach Road Reserves.
  • Approved: Georgia’s Goods – Hunt Road Beach car park.
  • Approved for 12-months: NZ Surf n Stay – Williamson Park – Staff to engage with the operator to discuss the concerns and introduce special markers to help the operators stay within their boundaries.
  • Approved: Surfs Up Kayaks – Beach Access 14, Island View Reserve - Staff to engage with the operator to discuss congestion concerns.
  • Declined: Surfs Up Kayaks - Beach Road Reserve - Currently operate by slipway and approve Commercial Operators License for existing site.
  • Approved: Beach Road Reserve and Island View Reserve – Dandelion coffee and food truck. Locate away from the beach car park on the reserve to avoid congestion. Subject to staff being satisfied they meet any noise and congestion regulations.
  • Approved: The Rolling Cone – Mobile Food truck, ice-creams and smoothies - Beach Access 1-20.

Thames-Coromandel District Sport and Active Recreation Plan

  • The Board received the Thames-Coromandel District Sport and Active Recreation Plan which you can view here and discussed the future of sport and recreation with Sport Waikato and Council staff.

Open Space and Community Facilities Strategy

  • The intent of the Strategy is to enable our Council to rationalise its approach to reserves, open spaces and community facilities to ensure that our services in these areas are being delivered in the manner that is most efficient for ratepayers. It is also intended that the Strategy would inform the our District Plan, Long Term Plan and Development Contributions Policy.
  • The Board asked it be consulted for input into all decision that may affect assets in their specific areas and agreed to provide staff with additional comments individually via email for consideration by Council at its 23 June 2020 meeting. You can view the draft here.

Whangamata Information Centre new operator confirmed

  • The Information Centre will be under the management of the Whangamata Multisport Club Inc, effective from 1 July 2020, which will be reviewed in a year's tie. The Board welcome the new operators and thank the Whangamata Community Garden Trust for doing a fantastic job of keeping the service running under the short-term agreement.
  • The Board  has recommended to Council to also  rconsider the Service Level Agreement funding for the Information Centre as part of the 2021-31 Long Term Plan process.

Work Programme Update

You can view the full Whangamata Community Board 2019/2020 work programme as at 30 April 2020 here.

Some highlights to note:

  • Whangamata Skate park – Work is expected to be completed by next Wednesday (weather dependant). An official opening is now being planned.
  • Onemana public toilets – Plants will be ordered this month for planting and earthworks.
  • Streetlights – The Board raised concerns about the number of streetlights being out in the town centre. Powerco have been advised and staff are waiting for a response.
  • Wentworth Valley Rd sealing – COVID-19 has affected the progression of this project. Staff are now working to ensure earthworks, drainage, road carriageway widening, are completed by June, with the balance of works planned to recommence in spring where favourable ground and weather conditions allow project completion.