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Let's talk - How should we use our Whangamatā reserves?

14 December 2020

It’s time to review our Reserve Management Plans (RMPs) for Whangamatā.

Reserves are much-loved features of our district, providing opportunities for recreation, as well as a general sense of open space where we can enjoy the simple things such as a picnic with family and friends.

Our Whangamatā RMPs were last reviewed in 2014 and we believe our communities’ needs and expectations of our reserves have changed over this time. For this reason, we are inviting your feedback.

We adopted a new General Policies in May 2019 that sets out aims, objectives and policies which will apply to all Council reserves in the district.

The Whangamatā Reserve Management Plan provides information about the management of individual reserves in the Whangamatā Community Board area. 

Consultation is open from today, Monday 14 December and closes 4pm Monday 15 February.

A couple of things being proposed which may be of interest include categorising reserves based on the natural values, cultural heritage, and recreation use. This helps to recognise how the reserve can be used and outlines a management focus.

The draft plan also identifies issues and how we can manage individual reserves. People who use our reserves may be aware of other issues or have suggestions on how these can be managed. 

Click here to view the draft plan.

Aickin Road Sports Reserve, Whangamatā

This reserve (pictured right) provides for active sports and recreation and has infrastructure in place to enable this. The Reserve Management Plan identifies issues with managing demand across multiple sports codes, and issues with pedestrian, carparking and traffic conflict.

Michael King Memorial Reserve, Ōpoutere

This reserve is named in honour of the renowned historian, author and biographer, Dr Michael King, who lived in Opoutere for over 10 years before his death. A memorial plaque and sculpture are installed on the reserve which is used by the community as a place to gather and for recreation.

Elsinore Close, Whangamatā

This reserve is steep with limited opportunities for access. It is currently used for grazing to keep it in a tidy state. The draft Reserve Management Plan suggests that Council could consider the public value and benefit of this reserve with a view to enable future disposal.

Williamson Park, Whangamatā

Williamson Park is Whangamatā’s premier reserve. It operates under a resource consent relating specifically to events, in place to manage adverse effects on the community.

Onemana Beach Reserve, Onemana

This reserve occupies the majority of the green space adjacent to the beachfront and contributes significantly to the Onemana settlement. There are recorded archaeological sites towards the southern end of the beach.

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There are a number of ways you can give your feedback:

Once the consultation period is complete, hearings will be held for submitters who wish to be heard.

For more information including other areas RMPs see