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Grab your tickets for the Coro 200 themed ball before they are gone

31 July 2020

The popular Illume Festival is less than two months away and event organisers are working hard to make this an event people will remember.

This year Illume has joined forces with Coromandel 200 – which is marking the arrival of HMS Coromandel in the area in 1820, the ship after which the township and the peninsula are named.

Tickets are selling fast for the Sailers and Loggers Ball at the Coromandel Citizens Hall so get in quick and purchase your tickets now before they sell out. Tickets for the ball are $30 each and can be bought at the Coromandel Information Centre, 74 Kapanga Road.

Organisers have booked a band (The Celtic Flyers), organised a delicious supper, and hired bar staff to serve drinks during the evening. This is a themed ball, so dress up and get those costumes on. You can dress up or down as much as you like, come as a sailor or logger of the era, a fine lady, or a dandy.

Women’s dress was characterised by a high waist and a long and loosely falling skirt, which lengthens and flatters the body, nice for the shorter ladies out there.

Coro 200 Ball Organiser Liz Cameron says don't hold back, dress up with pretty colours, decorations, puff sleeves, and bosoms showing if you want.

"Shawls, cloaks, and flat shoes were popular. Please note that no stiletto heels can be worn in the Coromandel Citizens Hall as we have a beautiful new matai floor," says Liz. "Men often wore breeches and a tailcoat. Think of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. Otherwise collarless shirts, braces, and a waistcoat will fit the bill."

Liz will be bringing costumes to Coromandel Town to rent out two weeks before the ball for people to try on. If you would like to rent a costume contact Liz on 0274941188 as soon as possible to let her know what size you require.

Check out Donnas Dress Ups at 7 Raratuna Street, Turua. There are also costume hire stores in Hamilton and Auckland. There will be a prize for the best dressed so we encourage you to get those costumes organised now and look forward to seeing you there. 

Here’s what’s on over the weekend:

Friday 25 September 

  • DJ at the Barry Brickell Memorial Stage, 230 Kapanga Road, Hauraki House.
  • Powerco Night Markets. There is still time to register your interest for a night market stall. Contact Daniel Smith at
  • Coro Gym Disney Kids Zone, 230 Kapanaga Road, Hauraki House.
  • Twisty Twins.
  • Glo Dancers.
  • Live Band.

Saturday 26 September 

  • Coro 200 unveiling of art work at the Whangarahi Reserve, 155 Wharf Road.
  • Albert Street Reserve memorial planting at 335 Albert Street.
  • Powerco Night Markets.
  • Live music at Samuel James Reserve.
  • Themed Ball at the Coromandle Citizens Hall, 455 Kapanga Road.
  • Street Parade at 7pm starting from Pottery Lane through Coromandel Town. 
  • Richardsons fireworks display.

What do local businesses need to know?

Don't forget there will be a prize for the best Illume-inated business, compliments of the Coromandel Town Chronicle. The winner will receive a full colour page advertorial in the Coromandel Town Chronicle for their business. Time to light up your shop facades and window displays. Refresh your menus with a "Coro 200 deal" for people to purchase. 

For more event information keep an eye on and follow our Council Facebook page for future event details. If you have any urgent festival questions email Daniel Smith at or visit