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Commitment to Cory Park Domain as skate park site for Tairua - Tairua-Pauanui Community Board Highlights

16 February 2021

Cory Park Domain has been committed to as the site for a skate facility, as endorsed by the Tairua-Pauanui Community Board at its first meeting of the year yesterday.

"There’s been a lot of views on where a skate park should be situated, either at Cory Park Domain or the Pepe Reserve, which has divided the community,” says Board Chair Warwick Brooks.

“Any decision wasn't going to make everyone happy. But we’ve had to make a decision, and so now is the time for this community to heal, be kind to each other and come together to get on with the project.”

A Certificate of Compliance has already been obtained for the Cory Park Domain site from an independent commissioner, stating the facility would comply with our District Plan's rules for the site. Also, most of the feedback received from the community consultation (which was carried out prior to Christmas) supported the Cory Park Domain proposal.

An assessment carried out by Marshall Day Acoustics confirms that the skate park can be constructed and operated to comply with the District Plan noise performance standards at Cory Park Domain, providing that their recommended mitigation measures are put in place in the final detailed design. Marshall Day also state that “no acoustic amenity impacts would result."

Meanwhile, the community is making good progress with fundraising, and currently holds $114,620 in the Tairua Sports and Recreation Trust’s bank account. The Trust are also awaiting the outcome of community grant applications. Once their full contribution of $150,000 is confirmed, and the design has been amended and finalised, construction can commence. 

(Photo: The drawings show the current design and elevation plans for the skate park, but are not yet final)

See the full report here for further details.

In the meeting's Public Forum 

  • A Tairua Sport and Recreation Trust spokesperson gave a presentation on how they are tracking with their fundraising plans to support the development of the skate park facility at Cory Park Domain (pictured right).
  • A Pauanui fishing club spokesperson spoke about their proposal to establish a boating and fishing club on reserve land at Royal Billy Point. The club is seeking Board feedback on support for this.
  • The Pauanui Residents and Ratepayers Association Chair spoke on its position on the Freedom Camping Bylaw which is currently being reviewed. Public consultation closed on Tuesday 2 February and deliberations and hearings are to be held in late March. The Chair also spoke about work plans to continue beach erosion mitigation work at Pauanui beach.
  • A Tairua resident gave a presentation with an alternate skate facility concept plan using the Pepe Reserve as a site instead.
  • A planning consultant on behalf of some residents at Cory Park presented that Pepe Reserve was the best option for the skate park facility.

Board Work Programme Report

An update was provided on this report around Council priorities, Community Board priorities and issues of concern within the Community Board area.

Some projects to note:

  • Pepe toilets – Redevelopment of the toilets (pictured right) will start on Monday 8 March after the Tairua Wet and Wild event. A variety of local contractors will be involved in the project, which include landscapers, an electrician, builder and excavators. Four temporary toilets will be brought on site ahead of the work. Signage will also be put in place.  A few trees will be removed prior to the Wet and Wild event, two melias, one conifer and a cabbage tree on the southern side of the reserve. The melia on the left side of the reserve will be kept. The project is thanks to the Government’s Tourism Infrastructure Fund. There have been delays in starting the project due to the impact of COVID-19 and supply chain issues with obtaining materials. 
    Read more about the project on our website.
  • Pauanui skate bowl refurbishment - The existing skate bowl is being resurfaced and extended so it’s more usable for all skating levels and separates juniors from seniors. The grinding of the bowl will start this week. Read more here.  
  • Royal Billy Point boat ramp upgrade. The remaining works will be started after Easter (May). This includes the installation of the last section of the concrete access bridge and support piles (Stage 2). An out-of-cycle budget request for $256,731 to finish work on the Royal Billy Point wharf and boat ramp in Pauanui was approved last year.
    Read more about the project here.

You can also read the full report

Action Schedule Report

This provides an update to the Board on specific actions it has asked staff to follow up from previous meetings.

  • Pauanui Hoggin Path – Further consultation with the community continues around a proposal for a hoggin path walkway and dune zone extension at Pauanui
  • A $5000 grant from the Royal Billy Point budget was donated to the Pauanui Menz Shed as a contribution to their work on the pontoon, which has now been installed

Read the report here

Proposed Road Name - 879 Hikuai Settlement Road, Pauanui

The Board approved the name North Ridge Drive for a new development at 879 Hikuai Settlement Road, Pauanui (pictured above).

Read the full report here

Members' Reports

The Tairua-Pauanui Board Members and Councillor (pictured right) had the following reports:

Board Chair Warwick Brooks has attended the Tairua Residents and Ratepayers meetings and Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) meetings, along with meetings with relevant parties involved in the skate park proposal.

Anne Stewart Ball thanked Tairua Sports and Recreation Trust for their fundraising efforts.
She also acknowledged the Tairua Heritage Society for producing the book “Buried But Not Forgotten,” a compilation of stories of the people buried at Tairua Cemetery. Copies of the book can be purchased at the Tairua Information Centre.

Barry Swindles attended his area’s Shoreline Plan Management (SMP) and Tairua Resident and Ratepayers meetings, along with meetings with parties involved in the skate park project.

Chris New also attended his ward’s SMP and Ratepayer meetings, along with the different skate park groups.

Terry Walker (South East Ward Councillor) thanked the community in reaching a resolution on the skate park site. He also presented at the Tairua Residents and Ratepayers meeting, highlighting there were queries from the community about the plans for a vacant site on Red Bridge Rd.

To talk to your Community Board Members or Councillor, visit our website

Read the full agenda of the meeting here

You can listen to the audio of the meeting here

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