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Peak summer period statistics, shoreline management plan open days and make sure you follow the rules of the wharf

15 January 2021

Welcome to the weekly wrap-up of our latest Council project news, important dates and information about what's happening in our District - all now in one easy-to-read email.

This week:

  • Peak population/summer statistics
  • Other communication campaigns underway during this period
  • Kerbside collections
  • Please listen to our Wharf Ambassadors
  • Mercury Bay skate park officially open
  • What's on in the Coromandel?
  • Unstoppable summer toolkit
  • We’re in a prohibited fire season
  • Upcoming meetings

If you missed the last update, read it here. 

Peak population/summer statistics 

Thanks to pre-planning and ongoing communication campaigns, which rolled out from Labour Weekend onwards we’ve had a relatively major issue free peak period (Christmas/New Year) holiday time.

We’re still collating data around population/visitor data, which will be produced in a separate Peak Population Survey Report. Official data won’t be available until mid-late January, but preliminary information shows that vehicle traffic numbers were on par with the same time last year, while digital traffic increased significantly – with Whitianga, Whangamatā, Matarangi and Hahei being 4 of the top 10 sites for online use on New Year’s Eve.

Tourism data for December 2020 shows there was approximately 113,000 visitors compared to 116,000 for the same time last year. The January figures won’t be available until the end of this month.

"I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with the family and friends and are managing to enjoy some down time. I think it is well-deserved by everyone this year, after the upheaval and disruption of the past 12 months," say Mayor Sandra Goudie.

"A proactive approach in planning ahead of the busy summer holiday has been very beneficial to the success we have seen so far in how well we have managed everything overall," she says. “Let’s all keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of the summer season.”

Water conservation levels 

Our water conservation levels were only elevated to Level 4 in some areas of the district (sprinkler ban). There has been no need yet to elevate to Level 5 anywhere (Total Watering Ban) thanks to everyone’s cooperation. This is the first time since we have kept records of peak period restrictions (2017). Keep it up - As the long dry summer period continues, so do water restrictions. MetService also issued their four-week forecast last week through to early February, and for our District it's looking dry. Click here for more information.

We’ve been trying to make sure everyone gets the message this summer by using our online digital programmatic water conservation/restriction campaign which so far has tracked 500,000 impressions from people using their phones and computers. The biggest reach was from Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty users.


Our kerbside page on our website was the most viewed page during the peak period. A daily Facebook kerbside schedule reminder averaged a 5000 reach each day. Request For Service (RFS) complaints about illegal fly tipping was down (21 RFS in 2019/20 v 16 RFS in 2020/21).

We are also posting daily reminders of kerbside schedules on our Facebook page.

Communication channels

Mobile visual message sign (VMS) trailers are stationed at Whangamatā Fire Station, Hahei Fire Station, Whitianga Joan Gaskell Drive and Coromandel Town– Tiki Road near the Anglican Church with ongoing messaging about water conservation and kerbside collection reminders. This will continue until the end of January.

Local radio and newspaper advertising continues around water conservation, solid waste collections, fire and safe summer messaging.

Introduction of water meters for Whitianga and Whangamatā 

An information leaflet is being sent out to in the next rates notice this month to Whangamatā  and Whitianga property owners. Full page ads are also running in the Whangamatā and Whitianga local papers, along with a radio promotion. TCDC’s communication channels are also being used.

Click here for more information. 

Freedom camping bylaw review

Our Freedom Camping Bylaw is being reviewed and we want your thoughts about a few changes we’re proposing to some of the current sites and the addition of one new site.

Our consultation runs  to Tuesday 2 February 2021.

To read the full proposals and to have your say online, go to Or, pick up a submission form from one of our Council service centres.

Or for more information click here.

We have been promoting this through our local newspapers, radio, our Council channels.

Shoreline Management Plans

Our Shoreline Management Plan open days are coming up which we would love you to come and check out.

The content of the sessions will:

  • Provide an update on progress.
  • Show predicted coastal erosion and inundation extents from the coastal hazard assessments.
  • Get feedback on what you value most.
  • Set out what’s next and how you can input.

For more information visit

Whangamatā Reserve Management Plans 

It’s time to review our Reserve Management Plans (RMPs) for Whangamatā.

Reserves are much-loved features of our district, providing opportunities for recreation, as well as a general sense of open space where we can enjoy the simple things such as a picnic with family and friends.

Consultation closes 4pm Monday 15 February and has been advertised across our channels (newspaper ads, Facebook, website, and our e-newsletter).

Our Whangamatā RMPs were last reviewed in 2014 and we believe our communities’ needs and expectations of our reserves have changed over this time. For this reason, we are inviting your feedback.

Click here for more information. 

Pauanui proposed hoggin path

We were asking for feedback on the proposed walkway and dune zone extension that will run along the coastal reserve fronting properties 17 to 23 Bonanza Place and 18 to 26 Champion Place. The proposal included planting and encourages people to stay on the track to protect the dunes and hope other areas will see the benefit of this future proofing work.

The questions we were asking: 

  • Do you want to continue to restore and enhance the resilience of Pauanui Beach dunes to protect against coastal erosion?
  • Do you want access for all members of the public across the reserve?
  • Do you like the proposed hoggin path design in line with the path created at the surf club?
  • What pathway position option do you like best?

Consultation is now closed. For more information click here.

Kerbside collections 


Our summer schedule of extra Kerbside rubbish and recycling collections ends on 30 January and we will resume our usual once-weekly blue rubbish bag and fortnightly recycling wheelie bin and glass crate collections.

Collections are one day later than usual in the weeks following the public holidays on Monday 1 February (Auckland Anniversary) and Monday 8 February (Waitangi Day Observed).

Missed your collection or have extra rubbish or recycling to dispose of? Our seven Refuse Transfer Stations (RTS) are open every day until 21 February. The Coromandel Town RTS is at 525 Hauraki Rd and is open Mon-Fri 9:30am-3pm and 9:30am-4:30pm on weekends and public holidays. Hours and locations for all RTS:

You can find out more about our Kerbside collections, schedules, and what can be recycled in our district here.

Remember, we can only collect plastic types 1 and 2 for recycling. Check your plastic item for the number – if there’s no number, or it’s type 3 to 7, we can’t collect it for recycling. Put it in your blue rubbish bag instead, please.

Please listen to our Wharf Ambassadors

To keep people safe on some of our busiest wharves at Whitianga and Whangamatā over the summer we have Wharf Ambassadors to help manage and promote safety of users.

The wharf is a shared space between people tying up their boats, those fishing and those jumping and swimming, with zones for each activity. Our Ambassadors are there to keep everyone safe.

There are eight Wharf Ambassadors that have been hired by our Council and on duty until Saturday 6 February.

When there is a shark sighting reported following advice from Surf Lifesaving, our Ambassadors have been asked to clear the water surrounding the wharves of swimmers and to stop people jumping from the wharves until the all clear is given. This is typically 30 minutes after the last sighting.

We also remind fishermen to not dispose of fish frames, skins and carcasses near areas that people swim, as this can attract for sharks and stingrays.

We would also like to remind boaties to stay at it below the 5 Knot speed limit as their wake and cause waves at the wharf endangering swimmers and people trying to get on or off boats moored at the wharf.

Please make sure you follow the rules of the wharf:

  • Listen to the advice of our Ambassadors.
  • Make sure you stay in your area – don’t jump in where there are fishing lines in the water or boats pulling in/out.
  • Be respectful to other wharf users.
  • Check before you jump – someone might be below.
  • Check the tide – too low is not good for jumping.
  • Keep a close eye on your children.
  • SLIP SLOP SLAP – protect yourself from the sun and wear a sun hat.
  • No diving head first
  • Only jump in designated areas

If you have any questions or need help, our Wharf Ambassadors will be easy to spot – look for the Wharf Ambassador shirts. While they're not lifeguards, they're all trained in first aid should you need assistance.

Mercury Bay skate park officially opened 

Mayor Sandra officially opened the Whitianga Skatepark at 9am on Saturday 9 January.

The design is separated into three main areas which should challenge and entertain skaters of all ages. There is a bowl, quarter pipes, obstacles – all the fun stuff that will keep our young people busy and keep them moving.

The skate facility isn’t hidden away – it’s tied into the centre of town with great connections to the plaza on Albert Street, from Carina Creek, from the town hall and from the Esplanade and the waterfront.

The skate park’s already been well used for a couple of weeks. There are some areas of work that we haven’t managed to finish. The shelters and deck work will be completed late January along with some landscaping planting put in when the weather’s cooled down later in April when the plants have a better chance of survival.

"This facility promises to be a great addition to the recreational assets of Whitianga and Mercury Bay, also a huge congratulations to the Mercury Bay Skate Park Trust for all their efforts," says Mayor Sandra.

For more information on our skate park projects around the district click here. 

Can you believe that the Summer Concert Tour starts next week? On Saturday 23 January, Gin Wigmore, Dragon, The Jordan Luck Band, stellar*, and Hello Sailor will be performing at Gibbston Valley in Queenstown. From there the tour heads north to the Taupo Amphitheatre on Saturday 30 January and to Whitianga Sunday 31 January.  Have you secured your tickets to this event yet?  Check out the Greenstone Entertainment website for ticketing information.

Click here to see what events are being held over summer.

Unstoppable summer toolkit

Staying safe at summer events

Remember this is our first summer under COVID-19 conditions and we all want it to be uninterrupted. While we can’t control the weather, we can do our bit to control COVID-19.

Here are some things you can do over our first summer under COVID-19 conditions:

  • Have your phone ready to make scanning QR codes quick and easy.
  • You could pack a summer essentials bag if you’re travelling, with hand sanitiser, face coverings, cleaning products and a booklet for contact tracing. You never know what facilities will be available at the places you’re visiting.
  • Keep some hand sanitiser in your pocket or bag. It’s a convenient way to keep your hands clean when you’re out and about.
  • Shops and events can be very crowded at this time of year, but try and keep your distance from people you do not know.
  • If you’re hosting a gathering for friends and whānau, create a QR code to help your guests keep track of where they’ve been.
  • If you’re hosting a gathering, consider holding your event outdoors. The more space people have, the harder it is for COVID-19 to spread if it is in the community.

Click here for more information. 

We’re in a prohibited fire season

A prohibited fire season means lighting fires in the open is BANNED.

Please remember if you're visiting the Coromandel - please no fireworks, Chinese lanterns or bonfires, so we can enjoy a safe summer.

Upcoming meetings

  • Council meeting – 9am, Tuesday 9 February, Thames Council Chambers, 515 Mackay St.
  • Tairua-Pauanui Community Board meeting - 10am, Monday 15 Februaryr at the Pauanui Community Hub, 23 Centreway.
  • Whangamatā Community Board meeting - 10am, Tuesday 16 February in the Whangamatā Board meeting room, 620 Port Rd.
  • Thames Community Board meeting – 9am, Wednesday 17 February, Thames Council Chambers, 515 Mackay St.
  • Coromandel-Colville Community Board meeting – 9am, Tuesday 23 February in the Coromandel Board meeting room, 355 Kapanga Rd.
  • Mercury Bay Community Board meeting - 9am, Wednesday 24 February in the Mercury Bay Board meeting room, 6 Monk St.

Copies of agendas, reports and minutes are available on this page or at Council offices, two days before the meeting.

Members of the public and media are welcome to attend the public part of the meeting. If there is a report you wish to speak to, you may do so in the public forum of the meeting. See our website here for more information on how to register.