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Our Coromandel Coast - 2019/2020 summer survey out now

13 December 2019

In what ways do you love and use our coastline? Where do you feel most connected to? What do you know about the processes that shape our coast?

These are the sorts of things we want to hear from you through our coastal survey, out now.

We’re asking a series of questions about how our residents and visitors value and use the iconic Coromandel coast.

This includes the activities you do (eg surfing, swimming, boating, hiking, gathering shellfish or dog walking), your thoughts on coastal hazards and sea level rise and where you go for information on coastal hazards and risks.

This information is important for our Council as we are underway with our Shoreline Management Planning (SMP) Project, which is all about developing resilient coastal communities.

Our Coromandel coastline provides many lifestyle benefits for our usual resident population of just over 30,000 people and in the peak visitor months between October and April, when the population can swell to four or five times that number.

But coastal living here, just like many other parts of New Zealand, involves being prepared for those same processes that shape our coastal environment to constantly shift, occasionally interfering with our way of life.

Our SMP project is all about helping our communities and coasts adapt to coastal hazards, through site-specific plans for the entire length of its coastline, including offshore islands.

It’s a three-year project, and our coastal communities will be relied upon to tell us their coastal stories, pass on their knowledge of coastal environments, engage in dialogue and work through solutions.

Our Council’s Operations Group Manager Bruce Hinson says we want our communities to be involved in this project, and the Our Coromandel Coast summer survey is a great way to hear what people think.

“We value your input. Your knowledge, observations and concerns will be a big help in developing these plans,” Mr Hinson says.

“This is your coast. We believe that by striving together to create resilient coastal environments, we will ensure thriving coastal communities in the Coromandel long into the future,” Mr Hinson says.

Take our survey

Take the survey online here. We estimate it will take no longer than ten minutes to answer the questions.

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