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State Highways on the Coromandel update from NZTA

22 December 2017

To help residents and visitors on the Coromandel, we're passing along this update from NZTA on what work they've been doing on the State Highways. Also, in District road news: Bluff Road between Matarangi and Kuaotunu West is now open to walkers and cyclists but is not accessible for vehicles.

Specialist contractors completed blasting of the rock face along Bluff Rd, dislodging potentially dangerous loose rock slabs and unstable material. This waste material was removed from the site. A mesh netting screen was then installed over the highest risk area, to capture any further rock fall.

The pedestrian and cyclist closure signs and barriers have been removed from either end of the road, as well as some sight-rail relocated to improve cyclist safety.

We'd like to thank the communities affected by the closure for their patience during the construction period.

Temporary roundabouts helping holiday traffic flow

NZTA temporary roundabout in Paeroa

(Photo: Temporary roundabout in Paeroa, like the one in Kopu at the SH25/SH25A/SH26 junction)

As the Coromandel gets ready for its annual influx of holidaymakers, the NZ Transport Agency is trialling temporary roundabouts at Kopu (at the SH25/SH25A/SH26 junction - the turnoff for the Kopu-Hikuai Rd) and Paeroa to reduce delays.

NZTA Transport System Manager, Karen Boyt, says the aim of the trial is to see if the temporary roundabouts reduce delays over the summer period.

“The trial will be monitored during peak times and if we find they don't improve the situation for road users they can be removed,” Ms Boyt says.

Plan ahead, avoid delays and stay safe on our roads is the message from the NZ Transport Agency, this summer.

“Planning ahead and knowing what is happening on the roads means you can consider taking another route, if possible, or factor in any disruptions so you arrive at your destination safely, and on time,” Ms Boyt says.

The Transport Agency is also urging drivers to take a little time to make sure they are well-rested and their vehicles are safe before starting their journeys.

“Plan in advance where you’ll take breaks on your journey, and share the driving if possible. While on your journey, keep within the speed limit and drive to the conditions," Ms Boyt says.

With more roadwork crews on the roads over the coming months, drivers are also reminded to slow down through road works.”

Call NZTA on 0800 4 HIGHWAYS (0800 444 449) to let them know about any issues on the state highways.

Maintenance programme breaks for Christmas

After a busy few months Transport Agency contractor, Higgins, is preparing to take a break over Christmas.

Scheduled maintenance work goes on hold when the roads are at their busiest over Christmas and New Year, but emergency crews are on standby to respond to any issues.

Since the warm weather started, Higgins has embarked on an expanded maintenance programme on behalf of the Transport Agency.

Due to the larger than usual programme, the Transport Agency's resealing around the Coromandel will not quite be complete before Christmas. The last remaining stretch of SH25 north of Thames will be finished in January.

 Narrows rock wall complete

Rock wall at the Narrows, near Kereta

A rock wall to protect SH25 from coastal erosion at The Narrows near Kereta is now complete. Heavy storms earlier this year saw the road slip away, so 2200 cubic metres of rock has been used to protect a 40 metre stretch of highway from further erosion.

2017/18 Resilience work

NZTA's resilience projects to reduce the risk of rock falls or slips on SH25 and SH25A are in the advanced planning phase. The following improvements will be made around the Coromandel Peninsula by June 2018:

  • SH25A near Kopu, retaining wall
  • Boundary Creek, rock protection wall
  • Kereta Hill, retaining wall (section 2)
  • Whangapoua Hill, retaining walls at two sites
  • Kuaotunu Hill, retaining walls at two sites

NZTA map showing Coromandel works

Remember to check for road updates 

Check NZTA's website before you travel for the latest information about road closures or work underway. You can also use their journey-planning website to plan the best route for your journey, taking into account known issues and traffic on state highways.

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