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If you can plan for Christmas, you can plan for an emergency

18 December 2017

Get Ready

Know someone who could use a little help getting prepared this silly season? Why not make up an evacuation pack for them this Christmas. Print out a plan for them to fill in at

This time of year with family gatherings is a chance for everyone to take steps to be more prepared.

Stay Safe. Stay Informed. Emergencies can happen anywhere, any time, and without warning. Make sure you and the people you care about are ready to get through by knowing the different ways to stay informed.

If you are staying away from home this summer, make sure you are prepared. Be in to win a grab and go emergency kit by liking our post on Facebook. 

Be prepared


If the power goes out, a solar or battery powered radio (or your car radio) can help you keep up to date with the latest news. In an emergency, tune in to these stations:

  • Radio New Zealand
  • The Hits
  • NewstalkZB
  • MoreFM
  • Radio Live


For local updates, check your council's website, as well as your local Civil Defence Emergency Management website and social media.

For national updates, follow the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management on Facebook and Twitter

Know your neighbours

There's strength in numbers. In an emergency, you can work with your neighbours to get through. Neighbourhood Support Groups bring local people together to create safe, supportive and connected communities. Join Neighbourhood Support at or call 0800 463 444.

Emergency Mobile Alert

Emergency Mobile Alerts are messages about emergencies sent by authorised emergency agencies to capable mobile phones. The alerts are broadcast to all capable phones from targeted cell towers. The alerts can be targeted to areas affected by serious hazards.

If you get an alert, read the message and take it seriously. It will tell you what the emergency is and what to do. It will also tell you which agency sent the message and if needed, where to go for more information.

A nationwide test of Emergency Mobile Alert took place on 26 November 2017. Civil Defence are currently analysing the results of the test.

Find out more about Emergency Mobile Alert here.

Civil Defence posters

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for a chance to win a grab and go emergency kit.

Make a plan