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District Plan appeals - good outcomes for appellants

11 December 2017

The majority of the 72 appeals submitted on our Proposed District Plan have been resolved, either fully or partially, with agreements reached between many of the appellants and our Council.

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The Environment Court has issued Consent Orders that have fully settled 31 appeals, with 19 other appeals resolved in part. Some appeal resolutions are partial because appellants are involved in a number of topics.

The Court has directed a number of appeal topics to be set down for a hearing and the parties to these appeals are exchanging evidence with hearings expected to begin in May 2018.

The Proposed District Plan manages land use in the district, including subdivisions, and it contains controls on special features that should be protected.

We are currently operating under two District Plans: the Operative and the Proposed.

The District Plan must be reviewed every 10 years. The last review was notified in 2013 and in April 2016 our Council issued decisions on all submissions lodged on the Proposed District Plan. A Proposed District Plan (Decisions version) was then issued.

Following this, 72 appeals were lodged with the Environment Court on a range of matters included in the Proposed District Plan.

While any part of the Proposed District Plan is under appeal, the relevant rules of the Operative District Plan remain in effect.

Those parts of the Proposed District Plan on which there has been agreement between the appellant and Council, and where there has been no appeal lodged, can be treated as operative.

Details of all the appeals and the Environment Court decisions and consent orders can be found on our website at

Our District Plan can be viewed digitally via our website. Go to our District Plan Portal page You can use the Line of Enquiry tool to search the Plan using a property address or a zone as a starting point.