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Coromandel marina berth update and Marine and Harbour Facilities Strategy

13 December 2017

Over the past few weeks we’ve been gauging whether there is interest in marina berths in the Coromandel Harbour.

The type, location and size of a potential marina have not yet been finalised.

Our role is primarily a facilitation role which involves working with potential marina developers, to establish if there is any real interest in a marina. If there is demand for a marina we will look to assist where we can.

There are three different parties on a short-list with interest in building a marina and other ancillary facilities in and around the harbour.

Two proposals involve an unknown quantity of harbour dredging at this early stage, while one proposal includes a boating marina on the end of a long pier which will involve a much lesser degree of seabed disturbance.

Our Council staff and the Coromandel-Colville Community Board have developed a set of evaluation criteria for the proposals received and will continue to work with the various parties until a realistic concept has been determined.

Criteria include provision of docking for a ferry and charter boats, boat haul out, recreational boat ramp facilities, and ancillary activities. Other considerations will include impact on the environment, operational sustainability and what degree of Council funding and support could be required.

There is a long way to go in this process including a full consideration of alternatives and a RMA process which we expect will involve full public notification and consultation.

To date we have received more than 160 expressions of interest in purchasing a marina berth, if a marina is to be built within the Coromandel Harbour, with over 80% positive feedback from potential purchasers and the community.

If you are interested in purchasing a berth or providing feedback, please let us know by completing our short survey, available on our website here.

Future demand for Coromandel Harbour boat ramps and wharves

We continue to work to improve the district-wide demand management for boat ramps with the aim of spreading the recreational fishing load across the Coromandel to help alleviate pressure on our busiest facilities during peak times.

We have our West Coast boat ramp calendar, which has been extremely popular and is a means of letting people know about other boat ramps. You can get it online here

Our wardens will be at Sugarloaf and Hannaford's during peak summer times to help manage the congestion and parking at these sites. You can view the map of the parking arrangements here - item 2.7 of the Council agenda (P8). 

Marine and Harbour Facilities Strategy approved.

Hannaford's Wharf


A Marine and Harbour Facilities Strategy was adopted by Council yesterday, at its last meeting of the year.

The Strategy sets out a long-term plan for the boat ramps, wharves and jetties across the District and will help inform our 2018-2028 Long-Term Plan (specifically in relation to our marine and harbour assets and facilities).

It takes into account health and safety, access, growing visitor demand and potential funding partnership opportunities.

The Strategy has an Action Plan, which includes:

Prioritising upgrades of facilities from a district-wide perspective Identifying the most appropriate initial and on-going funding mechanism for each facility (user-pays, partnership models). Developing a funding strategy, which creates opportunities for specific investment and joint ventures. Work with private owners, government organisations, iwi to resolve and clarify ownership and consenting anomalies in relation to existing facilities. Work with interested parties on appropriate marine/habour development at Coromandel Harbour.

You can read the full Marine and Harbour Facilities Strategy here