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Coromandel gets slice of $15M tourism funding for marine infrastructure.

21 December 2017

Marine-related infrastructure within Coromandel Harbour has received a financial injection of $103,500 after a successful bid to the Government's Tourism Infrastructure Fund

The money will go towards resealing the Hannafords wharf carpark, relocating the wharf path, installing a new visitor shelter and solar lights, which will give our visitors a greater tourism experience on arrival and departure from the wharf.

"We are extremely grateful the Minister of Tourism, the Hon Kelvin Davis, has a real understanding of the challenges our area is grappling with and we thank the government for this early Christmas gift," says our Mayor Sandra Goudie.

"We've invited the Minister to visit the Coromandel at any time to experience our marine delights first-hand, either by the palette or the fishing rod and promise to have a mussel dish with his name on it anytime he passes through," says Mayor Sandra.

Hannafords Wharf is the connector for the 360 Ferry between Auckland and the Coromandel, with ferry passenger numbers increasing 105% since 2013/14. Charter boat operations have also seen a significant growth over the same period.

The successful bid to the Tourism Fund for improvements for improvements at Hannafords Wharf was broken down into three packages, which were:

  1. Resealing Hannafords car park turnaround area to allow the entrance down to the wharf to be formalised to provide room for buses and vehicles to safely turn around. 
  2. Relocating Hannaford's Wharf pathway to help mitigate erosion, storm water management, and improve access down to the wharf. Solar powered lighting, a retaining wall and outdoor seating also to be provided. 
  3. A new visitor shelter for ferry/bus waiting area to be erected.

Our Council has matched the funding to ensure the three work packages are completed by June 2018.

This was approved by the Coromandel-Colville Community Board, which due to its small ratepayer base in the northern Coromandel, wasn't in a position to fund 100% of the project itself.

Also once the parking/drop off area is sealed at Hannafords, parking enforcement rules will be carried out.

The application for Hannafords was submitted as it coincided with the Tourism Fund application timeframe deadline, while meeting the criteria of being a tourism based infrastructure development that enhanced visitor experience.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) approved 34 applications for funding from the Tourism Infrastructure Fund, with a total of $14,222,594 awarded for round one.

You can read about the other successful applications here. 


Parking at Sugarloaf Wharf

A friendly reminder there's been changes to parking allocation at Sugarloaf so that the needs of both recreational and industry users can be met.

From Labour weekend to Christmas Day, and then 11 January through to Easter, Saturday/Sunday and public holidays only some of the Wharf is available for trailer boat parking.

Outside of those dates, the Wharf is available for parking for all vehicles Monday-Friday.

Just follow the parking maps and signage on site at the Wharf.

Hook a fish, not a harvester

If you're recreational fisher gearing up to target snapper around mussel farms in the Hauraki Gulf these holidays, make sure you hook a fish and not a harvester.

That’s the message from local marine farmers who manage the mussel farms along the Thames Coast and Coromandel Habour.

“Everyone knows the best place to go fishing is near a mussel farm,” said CoroMFA’s Tom Hollings. “And over the holiday season, there will be hundreds of boats flocking around farms and harvesting vessels – and good on them for getting out and enjoying our beautiful backyard.

“But the sheer volume of recreational boats in close quarters with working vessels and intricate farming systems creates safety hazards we all need to be aware of," says Mr Hollings.

“Every year we see a number boaties, mostly through a lack of knowledge, doing dangerous things that result in damage to their vessels, our farming infrastructure and personal injury.

“This year we want to see everyone have a great time, catch a feed for the families and get home safely to enjoy it," he says.

Please follow these simple rules to ensure everyone’s safety:

  1. Keep 30 meters from mussel barges at all times. 
  2. They are working vessels – please give them space. Never cast your line towards mussel barges – our crews regularly get hit with miss-cast hooks and sinkers. It hurts. 
  3. Stick to the speed limit of 5 knots around the farms. (that’s about walking pace). 
  4. Don’t drive across lines. There are ropes suspended between the buoys that your propeller will hit if you try to drive over them. 
  5. Don’t use anchors within the farms – there’s a good chance it will snag. 
  6. Never tie up to a line being worked on – that can capsize you.

Media Contacts: - Tom Hollings, CoroMFA Executive Officer 027 4953 957

Fiona MacMillan, Sanford General Manager Communications, 021 513 522

Fishing calendars

We've still got online and hard copies of our 2017-18 Coromandel West Coast fishing and boat ramp calendar. You can grab one from our Council offices or view online here