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Coromandel (West Coast) free fishing calendar out now

17 October 2017

If you're a recreational fisher who enjoys frequenting our boat ramps from the Thames Coast through to Coromandel Town north, grab a copy of our free fishing calendar.

Boat ramps

Covering November 2017 to October 2018 the Fishing Calendar contains a profile of boat ramps on the west coast of the Coromandel, from Kopu, south of Thames through to Amodeo Bay, north of Colville.

Other information included in the calendars includes best bite times (thanks to Marine Deals, tide times, boat launching tips, car parking information and launching fees (where applicable) for each ramp.

We produced the calendar for the first time last year - and following lots of positive feedback and requests by people for a 2017-18 version - it was decided to produce it again this year, with a 5000 print run. You can pick up a copy from one of our Council offices, bait and fishing shops along the Thames Coast and Coromandel Town or you can also download it online on the right-hand side of this page.

"The purpose of the calendar is to try and alleviate pressure on some of our busier boat ramp facilities (like the Sugarloaf/Te Kouma and Waikawau boat ramps), during peak summer times, to spread the recreational fishing load across facilities to promote wider use and reduce congestion at the overcrowded ramps," says Allan Tiplady our Area Manager for Coromandel-Colville.

"Over summer you'll see hundreds, if not thousands of boaties using the Sugarloaf and Waikawau and experiencing long delays, and many may not realise there are other launching options nearby that could be quicker to utilise" says Mr Tiplady. "So the aim of getting these calendars out is to raise awareness and promote use of alternatives ramps."

The goal is that by having accurate and useful information available in a calendar form people will keep hold of the information for longer.