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Summer water restrictions update #2

21 December 2016

All our water restrictions have been lifted after consumption was reduced yesterday and all our reservoirs refilled - so thanks to all of you who listened to our message about being water smart.

Water restrictions banner

However, our Water Services Manager Ian Smith says at least Tairua and Whangamata might have sprinkler bans back in place on Friday.

We're checking water use in our nine urban and two rural water supply schemes regularly and reviewing our water restrictions daily.

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Please report any water leaks or wastage to our 24/7 Customer Services line: 07 868 0200.

Why summer water restrictions?

It's summer and that means hot, dry weather and tens of thousands of visitors to our District.

Please be water smart. If everyone is careful with their use of water, it will lessen the need for more stringent restrictions through the busy holiday period.

Top smart water conservation tips:

Wait until you can do full loads before you wash dishes or use the washing machine.

Don’t run the water when brushing your teeth.

For cool drinking water, fill a jug and keep it in the fridge. Running water to cool it down can waste 10 litres a minute.

For lawns, apply the ‘step test’ – if grass springs back after you walk on it, it doesn’t need watering. Please do not water the garden in the heat of the day; early morning or evening is better.

If your toilet has a dual flush button, use the half flush.

Fix any leaks or dripping taps.

Please do not fill swimming pools.

Because of the Coromandel's rugged geography, our water comes from a variety of natural sources, including streams and bores. These sources supply us not only with drinking water but water for fire fighting. Please conserve this precious resource.

Your Community’s Water Sources

  • Thames Urban 
    Mangarehu Stream and Kauaeranga Valley River
  • Coromandel 
    Karaka Stream and Waiau Stream
  • Matarangi
    Opitonui River and groundwater
  • Whitianga
    Whangamaroro River
  • Hahei 
    Groundwater bore
  • Tairua 
    Pepe Stream and Tributary
  • Pauanui
    Oturu Stream and groundwater bores
  • Onemana 
    Groundwater bores
  • Whangamata
    Groundwater bores at Wentworth Valley, Beverley Hills and Moana Point
  • Thames Valley 
    Omahu (supplies Omahu and Hikutaia) and Apakura Stream (supplies Puriri)
  • Matatoki
    Matatoki Stream