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Rubbish, recycling and refuse transfer stations over the summer

19 December 2016

Our seven refuse transfer stations across the District are now open longer hours over the summer and extra Kerbside rubbish and recycling collections start on Monday 26 December in most areas of the Coromandel.

Our smaller refuse transfer stations (RTSs) in Coromandel, Matarangi, Tairua and Pauanui are now open seven days a week until Sunday 26 February 2017 and are open later on weekends and public holidays over this period.

Our larger RTSs in Whitianga, Whangamata and Thames are open seven days a week, as usual, but also have extended weekend and public holiday opening hours.

All our RTSs are closed on Christmas Day but are open every other day until 26 February. Our non-summer hours resume on 27 February.

Check our web page for hours and locations of our RTSs.

And on Boxing Day, 26 December, our summer schedule of extra Kerbside rubbish and recycling collections begins.

In most areas of the Coromandel there will be one or two extra collections every week of rubbish and recycling.

This extra collection schedule runs until 11 February 2017.

Check our Kerbside web page,, for the collection schedule, or scroll down to find the schedule for your area.

Collection days remain the same throughout the Coromandel after the Christmas and New Year's public holidays, but are a day later after the Auckland Anniversary and Waitangi Day holidays at the end of January and early February next year.

Glass can be left for pick-up in any sturdy crate, it doesn't have to be a Council-branded crate. Don't use cardboard boxes as these can get wet and break when they're lifted, and please don't use crates that are so big that when they're full they can't be lifted by our contractors.

And remember, if you're leaving the District before rubbish and recycling pick-up day in your area, you can leave rubbish in pre-paid blue Council bags and recycling for FREE at any of our RTSs.

Kerbside rubbish and recycling schedule:

RTS hours and locations:

The amazing Gullinator

Tired of your rubbish being strewn over the street after you put out your blue Council rubbish bag?

The "Gullinator" is a protective covering to put over your rubbish bag to protect it from hungry seagulls who like to tear the bags open to feed on the food scraps inside.

It's available from all Council service centres for $15.

It's made of sturdy plastic mesh, a hoop and a drawstring top and provides a cost-effective solution to pesky gulls pecking at blue bags on collection days.

Whangapoua glass recycling

The bins for recycling glass have been removed from Whangapoua and instead, over the summer, residents and visitors can use the twice-weekly Kerbside pick-ups to recycle glass.

Rubbish in blue bags, wheelie bins for paper/cardboard/tins/plastic, and glass bottles and jars in sturdy crates are collected on Tuesdays; while rubbish and glass are collected on Fridays in Mercury Bay North, which includes Whangapoua.

If you don't have a plastic Council crate for glass, you can buy one for $15 from any of our Council offices, or use any sturdy crate. Don't use cardboard boxes because they can get wet and break when they're lifted, and don't use crates that are so big that our contractors can't lift them when they're filled with glass bottles and jars.

Our Council decided at its meeting on 13 December that the glass bins in Whangapoua would be removed. They duplicate the already existing Kerbside collection service available throughout our District, and they have become contentious within the community because of the noise as bottles smash when they're dropped in the bins.

Coromandel-wide Kerbside schedule

Kerbside 2016-17 peak Whangamata

Kerbside 2016-17 peak Onemana

Kerbside 2016-17 peak Pauanui

Kerbside 2016-17 peak Tairua

Kerbside 2016-17 peak Mercury Bay South

Kerbside 2016-17 peak Whitianga

Kerbside 2016-17 peak Mercury Bay North

Kerbside 2016-17 peak Coromandel Rural North

Kerbside 2016-17 peak Coromandel Town and Te Kouma

Kerbside 2016-17 peak Thames Coast and Manaia

Kerbside 2016-17 peak Thames and Surrounds

Kerbside 2016-17 peak Thames South Rural