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Bluff Rd closed. Kennedy Bay Rd open.

22 December 2016

The Bluff Rd between Matarangi and Rings Beach continues to be closed to the public due to health and safety concerns around slips and anyone trying to remove protective fences or go through the closed site is likely to be prosecuted.

A decision was made by Council earlier this year to close a major section of the Bluff Rd where a significant rock fall occurred. However in the past week we've discovered some portions of the fence at either end of the road closure have been removed and a track has been formed along the bolders of the rock fall.

"This area is not safe to the public and shouldn't be accessed," says Matt Busch our Roading Manager. "The area was fenced off to prevent public entering as there is potential for further rock falls here. Anyone going on site or removing the fences will be committing offences against a number of acts with prosecution likely to result in significant fines."

"We're very interested in hearing from anyone who may have any information regarding responsibility for this action," says Mr Busch. You can email our customer services team on or calling 07 868 0200.

Meanwhile there are other ways the public can get between Kuaotunu and Matarangi, by either driving the State Highway or using the DOC track to walk between Rings Beach and Matarangi.


  • In December 2014 a section of the Bluff Rd, between Matarangi and Suckers Rock was closed to traffic, cyclists and pedestrians following safety concerns and geotechnical investigation of the Bluff overhang.
  • Rock blasting work allowed the road to reopen in December 2015, but days later another large rock fall meant it had to be closed again. 
  • Barriers, fences and signage were erected to notify people this section of the Bluff Rd is closed to the public.
  • Earlier in 2016 Council also made the decision to close the section of road indefinitely and that it could be re-opened in the future -  if other cost-effective options were presented that allowed the road to be made safe for public use. 

Kennedy Bay Rd open

Kennedy Bay Rd, in northern Coromandel, was reopened in mid-December and weight restrictions for heavy vehicles travelling on this road have also been removed.

"We've completed the last of the fixed on Friday 16 December which included soil nailing and completing a retaining wall," says Matt Busch our Roading Manager. "Temporary sight rails are now being installed on both sites over the Christmas period with a guardrail scheduled for installation in January. During this time stop/go traffic management will be in place.

All this repair work comes after several extreme weather events earlier this year which saw two large slips take out several sections of the road in winter