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We've updated our "no-spray register"

11 December 2015

We have a register of properties whose owners do not wish to have agrichemicals sprayed on the road verge outside their properties for vegetation management.

This "no-spray register" is maintained by our Council's roading professional service provider, Opus International Consultants Ltd.

To keep it current, over the last few months Opus has contacted all those on the register asking if they would like to remain on the list.

A letter was sent to each property owner on the "no-spray register" asking them to reply by 30 October if they wished to remain on the list.

For those who did not reply by 30 October, follow-up contact attempts were made.

These final 27 properties will now be deleted from the "no-spray register".

Contractors working for our Council periodically spray road verges and other Council land to carry out vegetation management.

But for a variety of reasons, some people may not wish to have agrichemicals sprayed outside their property.

You can have your property listed on the "no-spray register" which will mean that we will not spray directly outside your property.

Residents on the "no-spray register" need to maintain the vegetation on the berm themselves, up to and including the kerb for the width of their property's road frontage, including eradicating invasive weeds.

If the vegetation at this road frontage is not controlled by the property owner or occupier and causes problems, we may arrange for this work to be carried out without further notice - this may involve spraying herbicides.

Weeds growing on the road carriageway will be treated by herbicides. Any residents who have asked to be notified before any spraying outside their property or in the vicinity will be contacted.

If you've just moved into a property that is on the register, you can also have your property removed from the register.

If you're moving or your details change, let us know.

Here's how to get your property on the no-spray register, or have your details updated if it's already on it:

  • Contact our Customer Services on 07 868 0200.
  • Customer Services will take your details - including name and contact details and the address of the property for which you want notification of nearby spraying being undertaken by our contractors.
  • Customer Service will create a Request for Service which will be sent to Opus.
  • Opus International Consultants Ltd will update the register and distribute it to all affected contractors.