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Working towards an Arts Strategy for the Coromandel - how you can be involved.

03 March 2015

We've heard the calls for an Arts Strategy for the Coromandel, and now we're holding a workshop to see how we can help to make this happen.

"We see the Strategy including all genres of the Arts - Visual Arts, Music, Performing Arts and Creative Arts and Crafts," says Marlene Perry, Thames Community Development Officer, who is helping to coordinate the workshop.

"The workshop is open to anyone involved with the Arts, who wants to gain a better understanding of how the Arts could benefit from a Strategy and how we can best go about developing one that suits everyone's needs," says Ms Perry.

The workshop, which is also being facilitated by Creative Waikato, will have a 'World Cafe,' approach, which is an all-encompassing, free-flow style meeting. This means there will be a broad scope discussion about the Coromandel Arts scene, how the region will benefit from an Arts Strategy, the potential process of putting a Strategy together and 'where to from here' next steps.

The workshop will be held at Thames Civic Centre on Tuesday 17 March between 10am and 4pm, lunch and refreshments will be provided. To be involved contact Marlene Perry on 07 8680200 or