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Arts community provide mosaic for arts strategy

13 July 2015

Writing an arts strategy for the arts community in the Coromandel is like fitting together the pieces of a Friedensreich Hundertwasser mosaic. But the enormity of the task isn't daunting to Hilary Falconer.

Hilary has been contracted by our Council to put together an arts strategy which is predominately community lead. Our Council committed $12k in our latest Long Term Plan towards developing a Strategy. The first step involves meeting with the arts groups and individuals from around the Coromandel and teasing out what exactly they want in a Strategy.

"The Strategy has received much interest from the arts community and common themes are starting to present themselves," says Ms Falconer.

"Most are looking for help to co-ordinate and promote the arts in the District, and these are actions which can be presented in the strategy."

The Strategy has two levels, the first being an overarching summary of the goals and aims for arts in the Coromandel. The second level will go into more detail about how the goals and aims can be achieved.

The draft Strategy will be presented to the Economic Development Committee in August before going out for consultation.

For more about the strategy follow the link to the Coromandel Creative Arts Strategy page.

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