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Council adopts new camping on private property bylaw

11 December 2015

The classic Kiwi camping holiday on the Coromandel continues under our newly adopted standards of camping bylaw.

Our Council adopted the Bylaw for Standards of Camping on Private Property - Nga tikanga noho pupahi at its meeting on 9 December.

The old bylaw was made in 2008 and included regulations about camping on private property going back to 1982.

One of the main focuses of our newly adopted bylaw is ensuring campers aren't negatively affecting their neighbours or the public when it comes to sanitation.

The bylaw takes effect on Monday, 14 December, 2015.

The complete bylaw is available on our website at

In response to community feedback received during the consultation on the bylaw, we scaled back some of the rules to reflect how people camp in the Coromandel these days, and what provisions we need to protect their health and the health of their neighbours.

We took out the provisions about how far temporary camping structures should be from boundary lines and neighbouring dwellings. Many coastal properties are narrow and these provisions would have prohibited camping on such properties - this was not the intent of the bylaw.

We also narrowed the scope of the sanitary requirements to just include providing a toilet and a hand basin for campers. Drinking water also needs to be provided.

Rural areas were also removed from the scope of the bylaw in recognition that the problem the bylaw was designed to address has less impact in these areas.

We have instruments such as the District Plan and other bylaws available to deal with other problems that might arise from camping on private property, such as noise control, littering and other nuisances.

This bylaw does not cover people who charge for camping on private land. National regulations, called Camping-Grounds Regulations 1985 (available at cover these campers.