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Summer Kerbside collections start this week

23 December 2014

Extra Coromandel rubbish and recycling collections start from Boxing Day

Most Coromandel townships begin receiving additional rubbish and recycling collections from this Friday, changing from fortnightly recycling collections to weekly collections as well as extra weekly collection days.

Summer vacation hotspots including Whangamata and Pauanui will have three collection days each week while others, such as Matarangi, Whitianga, Onemana, Opoutere and Tairua, will receive two collections each week for the summer peak collection period.

The summer Kerbside peak period runs from Boxing Day all the way until the last day of January. There are no collections on Christmas Day 25 December.

Note: The only town with no change over summer is Thames. Weekly blue bag and fortnightly black bin and green crate collections will continue with the normal routine.

If you plan to leave before your collection day, don't put your rubbish on the street because animals and birds get into the bags and your rubbish and personal information will be strewn around the streets. Drop your official blue bags and recycling at any of our Refuse Transfer Stations at no extra charge. We'd much rather that than have the Coromandel look like a giant tip.

Tear-off pads with local Kerbside collection information are available at local outlets around the Coromandel.

Signs and posters are also prominently displayed at all peak vacation areas with additional collections.

To make things even easier, we're posting Kerbside collection information EVERY DAY on our Facebook page and will continue to do that each day until the middle of February. You do not have to be signed up to Facebook to see the daily schedule at

You can also download a free eBook from with the full collection of art from the individual tear-off pads.

Or scroll down this page and check out your area now.

Refuse Transfer Station hours

Our seven refuse transfer stations (RTS) will have longer hours over summer and open later on Sundays until the end of February. We also have a number of 24-hour recycling drop-off centres. Go to our Refuse Transfer Station page for more information.

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