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Stakeholders Working Group for Proposed Cathedral Coast Walk to meet

09 December 2014

The Proposed Cathedral Cove Walkway Stakeholders Working Group will meet for the first time this week to discuss immediate issues that need to be addressed around Hahei over Christmas and New Year

Sixteen nominations were received and 14 people have been selected to be on the Stakeholders Group. This follows a public meeting held at Hahei on Saturday 29 November providing an update on the Proposed Cathedral Coast Walkway. The members of the Stakeholders Working Group are:

  • Phil Costello and Peter Hawley representing Coastal Walkways Trust.
  • Graham Harsant representing Hahei Rural Landowners.
  • Ian Chalmers representing absentee ratepayers.
  • Peter Harrison representing Hahei Business Association.
  • Brian Keucke and Wendy Lawrence representing Hahei  Beach Resident and Ratepayers Association.
  • Alistair Sims and Michael Wilkinson representing Lees Rd residents.
  • Sheree Webster representing Hot Water Beach.
  • Jeremy Lomas representing Pa Rd residents.
  • Bill Stead representing Grange Rd residents.

We are still waiting for two other nominees to confirm ahead of the meeting this Thursday.

"We want to thank everyone once again for attending the public meeting," say Garry Towler who is Council's project manager for the Proposed Cathedral Coast Walkway. "The membership is reflective of all the different stakeholders in the Proposed Walk, with the first Stage being planned from the Blow Hole at Hahei through to the Purangi Estuary," says Mr Towler.

Also on the agenda for the first meeting will be discussion on the terms of reference and setting up a regular meeting schedule.

The Stakeholders Working Group will meet with members of the Project Governance Group.