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New locally-made bike stands for Thames market

09 December 2014

Now, people just need to learn how to use them.

Photo from the side of the bike rack

A new locally-built bike rack has been installed outside the Embassy Theatre on Thames' Main Street.

Thames Community Board member Craig Cassidy worked with the Grahamstown Business Association to select a design and colour and the result was manufactured by Watson Engineering.

The rack is designed to fit six bikes, with their wheels poking out onto a yellow no-parking area marked on the road, with the Saturday market stalls in mind.

The challenge, it seems, is getting people to figure out how it works. The concept of the metal tubing designed to hold the front wheel seems to have escaped most recent users, with many just tying the whole bike to the back (footpath side) of the rack.

A bemused local business owner says she has tried to explain the concept of a bike rack numerous times, including once when she discovered four cyclists attempting to tie their bikes to the back of the frame at the same time, none of whom understood the concept of a rack been designed in the traditional manner for holding the front wheel.

How does a bike rack work?

Photo from the front of the bike rack

Cyclists place the front wheel into the small frames, with the rear of the bike in the no-parking area marked by bright yellow lines painted on the road.

The bike is then secured by the front wheel or frame to the rack using a bike lock or chain.