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Escape to the Coromandel Visitor Camping packs on sale now.

30 December 2014

"Escape to the Coromandel, Visitor Camping Packs," are now on sale at our Council offices and selected i-Sites, information centres and service stations.

 The packs, retail for $15 and include:

  • A TCDC rubbish bag.
  • Escape to the Coromandel drink bottle.
  • Escape to the Coromandel postcards.
  • Lollipop.
  • Key-ring.
  • Coromandel Local Walks Guide
  • Camping on the Coromandel brochure.
  • DOC and kauri dieback information.
  • Destination Coromandel Visitor Guide.
  • New Zealand Motor Caravan Association Guide.

 Visitor Camping packs filled.

Visitor Camping packs contents.

"The purpose of the Visitor Camping Packs is to provide as much information as possible to anyone camping on the Coromandel, be it someone in a certified self-contained campervan through to "freedom campers," says Laurna White, Council's Communications and Marketing Manager.

"We welcome camping on the Coromandel and we're really grateful for people who choose to visit here and support our tourism, retail and hospitality sector," says Mrs White.

"The Visitor Camping Packs help to ensure we're being responsible hosts so that anyone camping on the Coromandel will in turn be responsible guests and respect our natural environment," says Mrs White. "We have some of the most beautiful and pristine forests and beaches in the country and we want to be able to preserve it for everyone to enjoy."

"We also want to thank the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association, DOC and Destination Coromandel who have teamed up with us to produce these Visitor Camping Packs," says Mrs White.

Since our new Freedom Camping Bylaw was adopted in December 2014 the Coromandel is now more open to anyone travelling in a certified, self-contained vehicle.

"The new bylaw has a more permissive approach," says Mrs White. "Anyone not in a certified self-contained vehicle is being encouraged to go to a either a commercial or DOC campsite."

To find out more about where you can and can't camp go to our website here or visit at our Council offices, information centres, i-Sites or service stations to purchase a Visitor Camping Pack.

Meanwhile Council Bylaw officers will be promoting the packs when they're out in the field meeting with campers.

The Escape to the Coromandel Brand. 

The Escape to the Coromandel campaign was first launched back in the early 2000s by what was "Tourism Coromandel", (now Destination Coromandel).

Posters were designed of "famous" or "infamous" personalities including Elvis Presley, Osama Bin Laden and the true story of four inmates who broke out of Auckland Prison, escaping to the Coromandel. Those posters are now a slice of Council history now gracing a wall of the Elected Members lounge in the Thames Council Office.

"We drew on the poster concept and embellished it to brand our Visitor Camping packs and it allowed us to produce a pack of postcards around the Escape to the Coromandel theme," says Mrs White.  "While the postcards are included in the Camping Packs, they're also on sale separately for $5 for a pack of five."

 Escape to the Coromandel postcards

The five postcards include:

  • The true story of five inmates breaking out of Auckland Prison and escaping to the Coromandel, where at one stage they broke into a $2.5m Tairua mansion and stayed for several days.
  • Sightings of Elvis Presley camping in the scenic township of Port Jackson, north of Coromandel Town.
  • Kereru, the New Zealand native wood pigeon flying to the Pinnacles Range in the Kauaeranga Valley.
  • Another true story of Jin the Asiatic otter escaping from Auckland Zoo and evading capture for a month. While she was caught off Rangitoto Island her plan was to "Escape to the Coromandel," and retire on the shores of the Thames Coast.