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Coromandel town infrastructure updates

22 December 2014

Landfill capping and Wastewater Plant upgrade

Coromandel town's Hauraki Road landfill will be capped by May 2015.

Council has awarded HG Leach the contract to construct the finished capping layer for the Coromandel landfill, with work to begin on Monday 5 January 2015 and be completed by 1 May 2015.

The process includes putting capping material over the site, installing a collection system for the leachate and transferring the minor volumes of leachate to the Coromandel Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Leachate is caused by rainfall passing through the site and dissolving some of the material in the ground as it passed through. We have a design that collects any of that water and allows it to trickle through a permanently-installed small [5cm diameter] pipe linking the site with the Coromandel Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Temporary footpath diversions will be in place for pedestrians while the work is being done.

Coromandel Wastewater Treatment Plant work to pause for peak period

Work on optimising and upgrading the Coromandel Wastewater Treatment Plant will commence in the new year however we are getting started on a number of tasks related to the improvements. Some of these tasks are:

  • Sludge surveys
  • Removal of floating media
  • Bypassing the aeration pond
  • Installing a temporary membrane filtration unit (MFU)
  • Removing sludge from the aeration pond
  • Installing an additional aerator in the aeration pond
  • Bring the aeration pond back into service
  • Re-install floating media (when required)

For more information please see our Coromandel Wastewater Treatment Plant project page here.