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Coastal protection works starting in the New Year

16 December 2014

Work on the backstop wall at Brophy's Beach in Whitianga is likely to start in March subject to resource consents being issued for the construction.

The work was proposed to start before Christmas but working through the notified consent process and supplying additional information requested has taken longer than expected and has meant that the wall is now estimated to be completed by the end of April 2015. The new geotextile bag wall is part of planned work to help with coastal protection at Brophy's Beach as the existing rock wall was put in under emergency and is not consented and needs replacing.

"Once we receive the approved consent we can order the extra geotextile bags to start getting on with the physical work," says Acting Mercury Bay Area Office Manager Len Whittaker.  "At the same time we will put out the tender for the physical work."

This physical work entails excavating a footing. Geotextile bags filled with beach sand will then be laid to form a wall. Once the wall is completed the top of the wall will be covered with some minor dune planting work.

Construction of the Brophy's Beach backstop wall will take about 6 weeks and while work is underway some sections of Brophy's Beach reserve will be temporarily closed.

"Protecting our coast is a really important issue for the Coromandel," says Mr Whittaker. "Coastal protection work on Cooks Beach and Buffalo Beach are also waiting for TCDC consents to be issued and once these have been gained, work should be able to start in March too," he says.

Buffalo Beach

The Buffalo Beach project involves extending the rock wall by another 120m, from just past the toilets (opposite Halligan Road) to just past the Buffalo Monument.

Cooks Beach

The Cooks Beach project involves extending the recently completed private wall in front of the houses by a further 140m south. This will extend the protection provided by the wall, from the last house adjacent the Purangi Reserve to past the newly relocated Cooks Monument.

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