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Thames Valley Water: 4 options out, 2 remain on the table

07 December 2012

After much discussion, investigation and work with the Community Working Group and the wider-community, the Council has excluded 4 options to future-proof the Thames Valley water supply and have 2 left on the table that require more work and community feedback.

After good feedback from the community, we've also kept in rain water tanks for residential properties, on a voluntary basis, as part of the "optimise and retain existing operations" option.

We've also listened to the community and added the task of negotiating with Regional Council and Hauraki District Council to take over the consent from Apakura Stream and take more of this water after HDC don’t need it anymore once the Kerepehi Water Treatment Plant is fully operational.

Read more about the remaining options here. (download Newsletter #3)

This newsletter is also getting sent to all residents and ratepayers in the area.

Your Community Working Group

  1. Deputy Mayor and Thames Councillor Peter French -  Ph: 868-6649,
  2. Community Board Member Mark Bridgman - Ph: 868-7273
  3. Community Board Member Lester Yates - Ph: 027 492-0243,
  4. Brian Revell - Ph: 862-4832,
  5. Barry Akehurst  - Ph: 868 1034,
  6. Simon Marriott  - Ph: 868 1274,
  7. Lynne Kingsbury please contact the Puriri Hotel  - Ph: 868-1066,
  8. Michael Price - Ph: 868-1078,
  9. Paul Bax - Ph: 862-4946,
  10. Warner Hunter - Ph: 868-1243
  11. Craig Reidy - Ngati Maru - Ph: 868 6601,


Please feel free to contact your community working group to discuss the project.

2012 Residents and Ratepayer meetings

To help the Community Working Group give and receive feedback from the community, we've set up another meeting scheduled for this side of Christmas.

Book this into your diary.

December: Meeting
Where: Puriri Hall
When: Monday 17 December 2012
Time: 12pm and 6pm (repeats - just choose one to attend)

Here's the plan

1. A Community Working Group has been formed.

2. This group will then come together and start working through the options with us.

3. Several public meetings will also be held this side of Christmas to get more feedback from the community as the working group progresses with the options. See dates above.

4. By the end of March a preferred option is delivered to the regional council

Find out more about some of the possible options here.

Why do we need to do this?

  1. In a nutshell the pipes are really old and we need to start replacing them.
  2. Our regional council resource consents are running out and we need to apply for new ones soon. However, the regional council want us to look at reducing our intake of water from the small water sources we have, which means we need to rethink the way the schemes are working and come up with options that future-proof the scheme.


We'll also be publishing regular newsletter updates as the project progresses.

Here's the first one.

Here's the second one.

Here's the third one.

Stay connected

We've put together a pretty good website with all the info we have to date. We'll keep adding more as the project progresses and we'll send out eNewsletters (and letters to those not on email) letting you know what's going on and how to get involved.

Missed the first public meeting?

Don't worry, we've got a few more coming up and lots more conversations to have.

But, in the meantime, here's a copy of the presentation

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have (our details can be found below).

Important links and project contacts

Visit our project webpages here.

Download our latest project newsletter here.

Download the water meter brochure here.

Find out about water meters and finding leaks

Contact the Thames Community Board members here.

Contact our Water Services Manager, Bruce Hinson here.

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