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Coromandel Unitary Authority to be investigated

19 December 2012

The Thames-Coromandel District Council has initiated a project to research and develop options relating to the reformation of the Council as a unitary authority.

For some time now, there has been much discussion within the district and the region on options for local government reform.

At its meeting on 7 November 2012, a petition signed by a thousand Thames-Coromandel residents was presented asking the Council to "take all actions required to reformulate TCDC as a unitary authority".

Subsequently, the Council has indicated that it would begin to look at the viability, costs and benefits of a unitary authority.

"We aim to be on the front-foot when it comes to this issue" said Mayor Glenn Leach. "We have tasked Sam Napia, our Strategic Relations Manager to work on a business case to look at the viability of the TCDC becoming a unitary authority, which means performing the regional council and district council functions as one organisation".

Local Coromandel people are telling us that they are concerned by the disconnect they see between the Hamilton based regional council and Coromandel community aspirations. As examples of this, our communities have highlighted the mangroves and velodrome debates said TCDC Chief Executive David Hammond.

The report on a Coromandel unitary authority will be completed by May next year.

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