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Mercury Bay Community Board Highlights

04 December 2012

Highlights from the Mercury Bay Community Board

Minutes from the October Meeting Confirmed

The minutes from the Mercury Bay Community Board meeting were confirmed.


Mercury Bay Community Board Plan

Every community board on the Coromandel now has a stronger governance role in relation to 13 local activities it's now responsible for.  These include things like boat ramps, airfields, cemeteries, local economic development and swimming pools.

The Mercury Bay Community has received input and feedback over the past few years over its communities aspirations for the future. From this the Board has now endorsed its Community Board plan which will inform the Council's Ten Year Plans and Annual Plans.

Mercury Bay Community Board's Priorities are (in no particular order):

1 - District Plan Review

2 - Boat Ramps

3 - Economic Development

4 - Main Street Upgrade

5 - Waste and Wastewater Services

6 - Coastal Erosion

Monk Street Building Upgrade

A detailed investigation looking at the cost of a building upgrade at 22 Monk St has been completed.

Council has been working with Destination Mercury Bay (Whitianga i-SITE) and Kuaotunu Land Search and Rescue (KLSR) as possible future leasees of the building. KLSR currently rents the back end of the building while Whitianga i-SITE was looking to take up a lease in November 2013 for the front section.

Council only has $125,000 budget for the refurbishment of Monk St which needs at the very least a new roof, front door and back door. The Community Board agreed that in the current economic climate and with budget constraints it could only afford to pay for a structurally safe and sound building Any internal fit out would need to be paid for by whoever took over the lease.

The Mercury Bay Business Association has indicated it didn't have the funds right now to contribute to this fit out.

The Board decided it would give the Business Association until July 2013 to investigate finding ways it may be able to fund a fit out if it wanted to take on the lease.

Mercury Bay Community Pool Funding

Support for the improvement and upgrade of the Mercury Bay School Pool to allow for wider community use continues.

The Ministry of Education currently owns the pool with the Mercury Bay Area School responsible for managing the contract for pool operations.

The Mercury Bay Swimming Pool Trust was formed in 2011 with the aim of providing a cost effective upgrade of the existing pool to allow for all year round access for the school and the wider community. Our Council has indicated it will support the replacement of a swimming pool filter and a pump.

The Trust and the School have agreed in principle to the upgrade starting in March 2013 subject to the impact of the new school gym build on the school pool footprint and facilities. Much of this revolves around an ablution block and the sharing of it between the gym and the pool.

Meanwhile Council has awarded the Mercury Bay Area School a contract to run the pool over summer for the public.

The Board is seeking assurance that an ablution block will be available for the public while using the pool in the future.

Summer Shuttle Park and Ride Service

The Mercury Bay Summer Shuttle and Park and Ride will run again this summer.

The Summer Shuttle Service will run from 27 December 2012 through to 6 February 2013. This is a key connector for people staying in the Mercury Bay area to get to and from the local beaches and to Ferry Landing to catch the ferry to and from Whitianga.

Murphy Buses holds the contract which is subsidised by our Council and WRC.

For the timetable take a look here.

In conjunction with the Shuttle Service, a Park and Ride Service will be set up again on Hahei Beach Road between 27 December 2012 until 28 January 2013. The service runs between the Park and Ride carpark and the Cathedral Cove carpark at Grange Road.

The Board wanted to thank John North, Joe McLean and Jo Todd for all their support with the Park and Ride Service.

Hahei St John Request for Council Land

St John has been given the go ahead to look at developing a building either attached or as close to the existing NZ Fire Service building at Hahei on Council reserve land.

The NZ Fire Service and St John Hahei entered into a Memorandum of Understanding back in 2005 which resulted in a co-hosting agreement allowing for an ambulance parking space allocated within the existing fire station facilities, which is now causing operational difficulties due to lack of space.

Our Council owns a parcel of land adjacent to the Fire Service Land which St John has been asking to lease. There is also the opportunity for an extension off the existing Fire Service Building or the provision of a separate building to remain nearby.

The Board recommended Hahei St John should go ahead with investigating development using the least amount of footprint as possible. However it would now have to consult with the wider community over the proposed design building plan and provide a detailed project plan, design plan and impact report.

A lease arrangement with St John would be subject to St John meeting all Council consent requirements.