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Meeting for Matarangi Residents on Coastal Erosion Lines

19 December 2012

Matarangi residents who want to find out more about what coastal erosion lines in our Draft District Plan mean for their properties are invited to a meeting at the Matarangi Fire Station between 10am - 12pm on Monday 7 January 2013.

Coastal scientist Jim Dahm and Waikato Regional Council Coastal Scientist Dr Vernon Pickett along with our District Plan team will be available to answer questions on climate change, sea level rise, coastal defence structures, erosion issues specific to Matarangi and the Draft District Plan provisions.

Council is now required under the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement and the Regional Policy Statement to identify coastal erosion risk areas now and in the next 100 years. In our Draft District Plan now out for public comment two lines are included in our planning maps.

Land seaward of the green line is currently at risk of coastal erosion.   We're calling this the Current Coastal Erosion Area.

Land between the brown dotted line and the green line is not currently at risk of coastal erosion but it may be at risk in the future from projected sea level rise over the next 100 years.  We're calling this the Future Coastal Protection Area.

"We don't want to see any new buildings seaward of the green line but structures like garden sheds are okay," says District Plan Manager Leigh Robcke.

Between the green line and the brown dotted line we're suggesting development and land use is okay within the zone rules. But to avoid more cost, or risk for future generations, we'd like to avoid the intensification of land use for things like apartments or key community assets like a school.

Anything inland of the brown dotted line, is business as usual within the zone rules.