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Community celebrates developers

21 May 2012

“The Hands that Moulded Pauanui”

For some years it has been a challenge in the minds of many Pauanui property owners to come up with an appropriate way to acknowledge and thank the Hopper brothers for their outstanding vision in developing the original concept of Pauanui – a seaside resort on the Coromandel Pacific Coast.

A small group of property owners got together about three years ago and conceived a tangible, appropriate and sincere idea incorporating the hand impressions of Tony, Ian and Guy Hopper, plus those of Frank Easdale (the surveyor) which have been cast in bronze and enhanced by special features relevant to each of them.  The hands are amazing works of art, sculpted by Nathan Whitehead of Sculpted Metals Ltd, Thames.

The four bronze plaques are to be displayed on a pedestal built of schist which will stand in the Pauanui shopping centre. 

The development of Pauanui took place progressively, commencing in 1968, and provided vision in designing unique street environments, recognised external landscape features, incorporated meandering parks and pedestrian walkways plus dual carriage roadways, and generous open reserves. 

All this remains today - 44 years on - for property owners and visitors to enjoy. In fact at Christmas/New Year, the population of 800 regularly increases to in excess of 12,000. Pauanui is a place where families and friends meet and have fun and enjoy all these natural amenities.

Unveiling planned for Queens Birthday

This community project and fitting tribute to Pauanui’s Founding Fathers is to be unveiled at Queens Birthday weekend – Saturday, 2nd June – 1.30 pm – in the Pauanui Shopping Centre - when all the Hopper brothers alive today will be present, plus Frank Easdale, and their families. 

Opportunity will be taken to incorporate a Time Capsule in the pedestal.  This is the suggestion of a gracious 97 year old lady who has collected a number of documents relating to present day activities for inclusion in the Time Capsule.

Anyone who has had contact with Pauanui over the years is invited to be present at the unveiling of this tribute which all will be proud of.

Media release written by the Hands that Moulded Pauanui Committee



In February this year, an invitation was extended to all property owners and their families to be part of a community “Thank you” by making a donation to the “Hands Account”, by mail to PO Box 89, Pauanui 3546 or by Internet Banking  03 0458 0161367 01. 

Financial support for this project is still very welcome (include your name as all donations qualify for a Tax Credit receipt).