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Coromandel Information Centre Has Moved

13 December 2012

New Coromandel Information Centre Site

The Coromandel Information Centre has moved to a more central location in town.

The office reopened today at 74 Kapanga Drive in Samuel James Reserve and will continue to be run by volunteers with over summer between 10am and 4pm. The phone number will remain the same on 07 8668 598.

"It's something of a rebirth for our information centre," says John Walker, Chairman of the Coromandel-Colville Community Board. "Where it has moved to is the original site of the town's information centre."

"It's heartening to see such community support and community strength to make sure we have an information centre in our town," says Mr Walker

Our Council will continue to support the information centre with graphic design, signage and marketing.

"We're also arranging a Service Level Agreement contract to fund the centre through summer and will then reassess things at the end of summer," says Council Economic Development Manager Ben Day. "It's just great to see a strong and reinvigorated Business Association act so quickly and get an Information Centre reopened and moved to a more central location."

The town's i-SITE had previously been situated at 355 Kapanga Drive. Earlier this month Council withdrew its remaining funding from the Incorporated Society contracted to deliver the i-SITE after recent financial reports indicated the organisation was technically insolvent.

Since then the Coromandel Town Business Association presented a high-level business plan to the Community Board outlining its approach to increasing the scale of the Information Centre over time, starting by providing information to visitors using a volunteer-base over summer.

Coromandel Town Business Association Spokesperson Karen McMillan says the information centre is one of the busiest offices in the town.

"We're already starting to get a lot of foot traffic coming through with both international and local visitors," says Mrs McMillan.

"We also want to say a big thank our fantastic crew of volunteers who are helping out over this peak period. If anyone is interested in lending a hand please get in touch with us," she says.

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