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The start of something wonderful

22 August 2012

Thames Community Board hopes Misaki Town delegation visit is the start of something wonderful


(Photo from Left: Misaki Town Deputy Mayor Hatsue Okabe and Thames-Coromandel Mayor Glenn Leach. Download a high-resolution version of the photo here.)

Over the last month, our Thames Community Board, Mayor Glenn Leach and our new Thames Area Office team hosted a delegation from Misaki Town in Japan.

The Misaki Town delegation, led by Deputy Mayor Hatsue Okabe, was here investigating the possibility of a closer sister-city relationship with Thames. New relationships were formed and we really enjoyed spending time with our new friends from Misaki.

Misaki Town is the product of a recent amalgamation of three smaller towns, nestled below the mountains in the north of Japan's main island.

Among the activities enjoyed by the delegates from Misaki Town was time on the green at the Thames Bowling Club. Deputy Mayor Hatsue Okabe said they think lawn bowls would prove popular in Misaki Town, and they were going to suggest the town start a bowls club.

We hope this visit is the start of something wonderful for the future and a future sister-city relationship can begin soon.


Listen to Deputy Mayor Hatsue Okabe talking about the similarities and differences between Thames and Misaki Town, among other things, in our audio interview series: