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Urgent attention to Rock Fall at Puketui Valley

02 December 2011

Geotechnical investigation of 'Frog Rock' rock falls

A geotechnical engineer will inspect the site where large rocks have fallen in close proximity to a popular Puketui Valley swimming hole known as Frog Rock.

Residents from Puketui Valley in Hikuai raised their concerns with the Tairua-Pauanui Community Board on Monday. The board was shown photographs of a large boulder that fell on November 20 this year when there were no weather events. The rock landed on the road where visitors to the swimming hole park their vehicles and more rocks have been found in the swimming hole area itself.

Roading Manager Matt Busch went immediately to inspect the site in person on Monday.

A temporary warning sign was in place at the rock fall site on Puketui Valley Rd and permanent warning signs will be installed on either side of the high risk area as soon as they are manufactured (expected by the end of next week).

We have also arrranged an inspection by a geotechnical engineer on Wednesday December 7 to evaluate the safety risk and advise on remedial options.

Puketui Valley Swimming Hole Warning Sign

Visitors to the popular Puketui Valley, Hikuai swimming hole known as 'Frog Rock' are warned of rock falls in the area. Permanent warning signs will be installed as soon as they are manufactured, expected to be next week.