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Everything you need to know this ANZAC long weekend in the Coromandel

23 April 2021

Welcome to the weekly wrap-up of our latest Council project news, important dates and information about what's happening in our District - all now in one easy-to-read place.

This week's wrap-up:
  • ANZAC Parades and Memorial Services in our District this weekend 
  • Everything you need to know for the long weekend - rubbish, roads, dogs and alcohol bans 
  • Steampunk is happening in Thames this weekend 
  • Other work happening in your neighbourhood 
  • Long Term Plan - what are the next steps? 
  • Upcoming meetings
  • Do your bit to keep the Coromandel kauri standing
  • Tsunami sirens - our West Coast public forums 
  • Representation Review 2021
  • Powerco work
  • Duke of Edinburgh condolence books
  • NZ banks are phasing out cheques - what does this mean for you?  

If you missed the last update, read it here. 

ANZAC Parades and Memorial Services in our District this weekend

Everyone is invited to attend ANZAC Parades and Memorial Services this weekend on Sunday 25 April 2021.

This weekend, Parades and Memorial Services will be held in:

  • Coromandel Town - 10am
  • Hahei - 10.30am
  • Tapu - 5.45am       
  • Thames - 5.45am, 9.45am  
  • Pauanui - 6am, 11am
  • Tairua - 6am, 10.45am      
  • Whangamatā - 6.30am, 10.20am
  • Whitianga - 5.45am
  • Matarangi - 10.30am

For more information on Parades and Memorial Service times, visit our website

All descendants of returned service personnel are welcome to participate in the parades. Returned service personnel are asked to wear their medals and decorations.

Descendants of returned service personnel marching in the parades are asked to wear medals on the right upper portion of their apparel.

(Pictured right - Thames monument all lit up. Photo Credit - Craig Cassidy)

The Thames War Memorial will be lit in red from 5:45am on ANZAC Day and for the rest of the week. Thanks to the Thames RSA for their initiative and SRE Electrical for their support in making this happen.

ANZAC Kerbside collections

There will be no Kerbside rubbish and recycling collection on Anzac Day Observed (Monday 26 April). So, collections across the District will be one day later next week.

Check the Kerbside schedule for your area at

Refuse Transfer Stations (RTSs)

Our Refuse Transfer Stations are open 1 - 5:30pm on Anzac Day (25 April) and are open to their Sunday hours on Anzac Day Observed (Monday 26 April).

See for locations and hours.

Travel safe this long weekend 

We are reminding motorists to think through their travel plans and leave plenty of time to help get everyone to their long weekend holiday destination safely. 

Plan your journey in advance by using the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency holiday journey planner. This tool shows predicted traffic flow across popular journeys based on travel patterns from previous years which includes the Coromandel.

Long weekend driving tips:

  • Drive to the conditions, whether it’s the weather, the time of day or amount of traffic
  • Take regular breaks to stay alert and ensure fatigue doesn’t affect your driving
  • Keep a safe following distance from vehicles in front so you can stop safely
  • Be patient - overtaking is unlikely to make a significant difference to your journey time due to the amount of traffic expected over the weekend
  • Allow plenty of time, remember you are on holiday and avoid the need to rush
  • Check your car is in good "health" before you head off.

Dog rules 

A friendly reminder that our dog restrictions are in place on all holiday weekends. This means that this weekend, dogs are prohibited in some areas, like popular beaches, between 9am-6pm.

It's important to remember that dogs need to be on-lead when walking around our local roads and town centres. We provide off-leash dog exercise areas which are sign posted and can be found on our website. If you're in doubt about when and where you can walk your dog, keep an eye out for signs and maps, pop into one of our Council offices or head to our website

Dog Training - Kiwi avoidance training dates

Dog training for kiwi avoidance is happening in our District. Dates for these trainings are:

  • Matarangi - Saturday 24 April - On the roadside entering Matarangi (will be signposted)
  • Kauaeranga Valley, Thames - Saturday 8 May - Kauaeranga Visitor Centre
  • Tairua - Saturday 22 May - Sailors Grave 

Find out more about the trainings here

Alcohol Ban

Throughout our District, an alcohol ban will be in force during the long weekend. You can't consume or take alcohol into any public place where an alcohol ban is in force.

Check out the maps on our website.

Steampunk is happening in Thames this weekend 

Steampunk is coming to Thames this weekend. Make sure you get to Pollen Street tomorrow to watch the parade because it’s not one to miss. Parade starts at 10:30am. Find out more about the event and see the programme on their website

On 24 April, road closures will be in place in Thames on Saturday 24 April at the following locations:

  • Pollen Street between Willoughby Street and Cochrane Street between 9.30am and 1pm
  • Pahau Street between Pollen Street and Mackay Street between 9.30am and 3pm
  • Cochrane Street between Kirkwood Street and Mackay Street between 9.30am and 1pm.

The Steampunk people will also be using our Create the Vibe Thames HQ container on the Mary Street town square for a Steampunk display.

For more information, or to find out about other events happening in our District, visit our website

Other work happening in your neighbourhood 

Video: Click to watch - Don't Bug Me! This video looks at the access and presence of pathogens in drinking-water supplies. It is intended for small drinking water supplies like ours.

Drinking water standards upgrade - We are in the final year of the three-year project to upgrade our water treatment facilities across our district as we keep improving the quality of our drinking water supplies. 

Tairua, Pauanui and Whitianga's new water treatment plants have been upgraded, marking an important milestone in our drinking water standards project - Tautiaki Wai Māori.

Recent updates on the five remaining water treatment plants (WTP):

  • Coromandel Town - Testing of the operation of the plant and equipment is well advanced and the WTP will be open on Friday 25 June. 
  • Beverley Hills (Whangamatā) – Construction work has finished and the plant and equipment installations are in progress. A meeting to discuss the testing of the equipment is scheduled for late May to check everything is in working order. 
  • Wentworth Valley (Whangamatā) - The building consent has been finalised and construction work will start in early May. It is expected that the work will be completed by March 2022. 
  • Moana Point (Whangamatā) - Enabling works will start in May with the removal of some existing trees to clear the site for the WTP. 
  • Hahei - Drilling has finished to establish potential locations of new underground aquifers. We will update you more on the new WTP and the exact location when this has been finalised. 

The plants are fitted with the latest technology and methodologies for treating our water including Evoca-supplied membrane units, new filtration, dosing and monitoring equipment.

All of these upgrades will ensure our drinking water quality complies with the current NZ Drinking Water standards.

For more information on our drinking water standards upgrade click here. 

Tairua Skatepark - A Tairua neighbourhood group has opposed the project and initiated a legal challenge in the High Court against the Tairua-Pauanui Community Board’s decision to locate the facility at Cory Park. Council and the Community Board will be asked to consider a staff report at their May meetings, recommending that all previous decisions relating to the skate park at Cory Park be revoked and that the Council starts the process afresh. Read our recent media release on the project here

Kaimarama Road (right) road closure - Kaimarama Bridge, Whitianga, needs some remedial work completed before winter. 

The road will be closed on Thursday 29 April from 8am - 5pm.

There will be no access or detour throughout this period, however, provisions have been made for emergency services if the situation arises. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this closure and thank you for your patience.


Create the Vibe Thames Town Square phase two - There's still another week for you to provide feedback on the new shared pedestrian space on a section of Mary Street at the intersection with Pollen Street last week. Our online survey remains open until Saturday 1 May.

We’ll fully assess all the feedback we’ve received once the online survey closes. The feedback will inform further tweaks to the space which will move us into phase two. For more information on this project click here.

Streetlights, Whitianga - New streetlights have been installed on The Esplanade in Whitianga this week. The new lights will be switched on and working this weekend.

Road works - For a summary of roading activities programmed for our District next week see

Maramaratotora track closure - The track is currently closed for maintenance. Walkway Solutions are on site completing track refurbishment for the next couple of weeks.

Public can walk the Department of Conservation side of the track up and back from Ferry Landing, but public cannot walk the loop through to Front Beach. There is signage and fencing in place to show the public which part of the track is closed. 

The track will be closed until around the middle of May and will be re-opened as soon as it's completed. Thank you for your patience over this time.

The Coastcare planting season is about to begin for community volunteers. In the Coromandel Peninsula, Coastcare groups will be planting 44,000 plants to restore the coastal environment.

Dunes are deposits of windblown sand, and therefore vulnerable to human activity and extreme weather events. They're important because they act as a buffer between the land and sea, giving protection from coastal erosion. Native coastal plants like spinifex and pingao bind the sand and help capture more sand to rebuild dunes after a storm.

Coastcare Waikato is a community partnership programme to restore coastal areas throughout the Waikato region. The programme involves local communities, iwi, the Department of Conservation, district councils and Waikato Regional Council working together to restore, protect and look after our coasts and all the species that live and grow here.

Planting events are planned for Thames, Port Charles, Whangapoua, Otama, Opito Bay, Kuaotunu, Wharekaho, Buffalo Beach, Flaxmill Bay, Cooks Beach, Hahei, Hot Water Beach, Pauanui, Onemana and Whangamatā.

Everyone is welcome to help out. Please contact Thames-Coromandel District Council Coastal Management Coordinator Tanya Patrick for more information or keep an eye out on the Coastcare Waikato Facebook page for event dates.

Long Term Plan next steps

The submissions are now being sorted and hearings will be held from 5-7 May in the Council Chambers, Thames. Council will then consider all the feedback, discuss it and adopt the final LTP at the end of June. 

For more information on the LTP, go to

Upcoming meetings

  • Wednesday-Friday 5-7 May, Council hearings on Long Term Plan. Council Chambers, Thames.
  • Monday 10 May, 10am. Tairua-Pauanui Community Board meeting.
  • Tuesday 11 May, 10am. Whangamatā Community Board meeting.
  • Wednesday 12 May, 9am. Thames Community Board meeting. Council Chambers, Thames.

Copies of agendas, reports and minutes are available on this page or at Council offices, two days before the meeting.

Members of the public and media are welcome to attend the public part of the meetings. If you wish to present during a public forum session, please see our website for more information on how to register.

Government freedom camping proposals - public meetings

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) have released a media release on the freedom camping public meetings.

Public meetings are being held in Twizel, Thames, Whitianga, Tauranga and Taupō from Tuesday 27 April for people to find out more about the Government’s proposals to improve freedom camping.

“The public meetings are a good opportunity for people to get information and ask questions in person,” says Danielle McKenzie, Manager Tourism Policy, MBIE.

There are two meetings in our District:

  • Thames - Wednesday 28 April, 10.30am-12.30pm in the Council Chambers
  • Whitianga - Wednesday 28 April, 4pm-6pm in the Mercury Bay Community Board Room

We encourage you to go along and hear what they have to say if you're interested and want to know more on the freedom camping proposals.

Read the media release here.

Do your bit to keep Coromandel kauri standing 

Kauri dieback is a fungus-like disease that infects kauri trees and while there is no known cure, we must all play our part in following the rules to reduce the spread of the disease.

Remember to clean your shoes on the special boot cleaning stations that have been installed at major entrances to Coromandel forest walks. This includes the Long Bay kauri track near Coromandel Town.

Dogs are also prohibited from the Long Bay kauri walkway at all times. There is a remarkable stand of kauri trees on this walkway and even the best behaved dogs can run off and spread the disease. 

We are also asking the public to not ride bikes on kauri walkway tracks as the soil carried on mountain bike tyres can also spread the disease and we do not have a suitable cleaning station for bikes before entering the track. But there is an amazing mountain bike facility just over the hill on Hauraki Road, find out more here

To find out more on what you can do to keep Coromandel Kauri standing visit

Tsunami sirens public forums

Public meetings on the disconnection of tsunami sirens in our District have been going well and we now have confirmed dates for the meetings on the west coast:

  • Thames - Thursday 13 May at 9.30am in the TCDC Emergency Management meeting room, corner of Mackay and Mary Street.
  • Coromandel Town - Thursday 13 May at 2pm in the Coromandel Town Service Centre meeting room, 355 Kapanga Road. 

You can find out more information on this project, and read the FAQ document on our website

Representation Review 2021

By law, all councils have to do a Representation Review every six years. Our last review was in 2015 and it's time to do another review.

The review considers:

  • Council membership
  • Total number of Councillors
  • How many Councillors should be in each ward
  • How Councillors are elected (by wards or district-wide mix)
  • Whether we want to have community boards, and if so, how many members should they have, and which areas should they cover.

What will the process look like? 

The initial proposal will feature at the 3 August 2021 Council meeting. A formal consultation will follow in August for one month before our Council considers the submissions received and makes a decision in October. The public appeal/objection period is from 28 October to 29 November.

You can find more information about Representation Reviews on the Election Services website.

Read more about the review and the timeline on our website

Powerco looking at options to boost power supply in the Coromandel

Powerco is looking at options to shore up the power supply in the Coromandel and want to know what you think. Visit the Powerco website for more information and to provide feedback.

Powerco inspecting power poles with a helicopter inspection

Powerco needs to conduct a further inspection of power poles within the rural Coromandel region using hi-resolution photography.

This will provide information about the condition of the poles and lines including identifying any vegetation or possible hazard issues.

Until Monday 26 April, low flying helicopters will be used to photograph power poles in our rural region.

Powerco is conscious that low flying helicopters can disturb some animals, plans or events. If you have any concerns please register your interest here.

Duke of Edinburgh condolence books

Would you like to send a condolence message to the Royal Family on the passing of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh?

Our Council has a book you may a write a message of condolence in at our Thames and Whitianga Service Centres.

In Coromandel Town and Whangamatā people can use our Customer Service kiosks to post a message on the Royal Family's website Alternatively, you can email a message to

NZ banks are phasing out cheques - what does this mean for you?

NZ banks are phasing out cheques. From Thursday 20 May 2021, our Council will no longer be able to accept cheques as a form of payment. This is not our initiative but a bank-led directive.

If you have any questions or need any help with your future payments, pop in and see the friendly teams at one of our Service Centres

For information on other ways you can pay dog registrations, LIMs or rates, visit