Creative Communities Scheme

Applications will open on Monday 7 September 2020 and close on Friday 2 October 2020. The Committee will assess the applications on Wednesday 28 October 2020. Projects/Activities must be completed within 12 months of being advised their application has been successful.

Creative Communities Scheme funding during 2020

Many art projects planned for 2020 now have a big question mark over them.  If you were planning on applying to the March or September 2020 Creative Communities Scheme rounds for funding assistance, Creative NZ still wants you to go ahead with the planning and make the application.  Here is Creative NZ’s approach to the 2020 Creative Communities Scheme funds and two commonly asked questions:

Q:  If you have received funding and the project can’t go ahead due to COVID-19, do we need to return the money?

A:  If the project is cancelled (as opposed to postponed), you will have to pay back any funds that you have not yet spent.

If you have already spent some funds, i.e. a venue hire deposit, and you can receive a refund on that deposit, you should pay that back also.

If the project is postponed to a later date, and this later date still falls within the 12-month time period for the grant, that is fine.

Q: If the project is postponed to a later date, but this date will fall outside of the 12-month period for the grant, you will need to apply for an extension for the funded project. Q:  What if we have already submitted our application for the March round and we need to change the timing or some of the project detail?

A: You will be offered the chance to provide an updated project timeline. 

If the updated project timeline would place the project inside the 12-month period of the grant, it can proceed to the assessment committee meeting with the new timeline.

If the updated project timeline would place the project outside of the 12-month period of the grant, your application will not be assessed in the March round, but held over until the September round.  You can choose to update detail of the application for the September round if you wish or it can proceed to assessment as is. 

If you apply and want to speak to the Board about your application but can’t make the journey, we offer an interactive platform for those who live outside of Thames.

Application Form

Please download the application form on the top right-hand side of the page in either a PDF version or Word Document. To use the interactive PDF form, first save it to your computer, then fill out the fields.

Once completed email your application to

About the Creative Communities Scheme

Local art groups and creative projects across the Coromandel Peninsula are being offered a helping hand with funding from the Creative Communities Scheme.

The scheme, backed by Creative New Zealand, aims to increase participation in the arts, broaden the range and diversity of the arts available to communities and enhance and strengthen the local arts sector.

Funding is awarded to projects rather than people undertaking the project and applications must meet one or more of the scheme’s criteria.

Your project must meet one or more of the following funding criteria:

  • Broad community involvement - The project will create opportunities for local communities to engage with and participate in arts activities.
  • Diversity - The project will support the diverse arts and cultural traditions of local communities, enriching and promoting their uniqueness and cultural diversity.
  • Young people - The project will enable and encourage young people (under 18 years) to engage with and actively participate in the arts.

The types of projects or activities that could be funded include:

  • Exhibitions, productions, concerts, festivals, workshops and presentations that offer opportunities for community involvement in the arts.
  • Acitivites that support the traditions and arts of ethnic communities.
  • Youth arts events
  • Artist-led projects involving local communities
  • Materials for arts activities or programmes
  • Personnel costs for one-off, short-term projects
  • Promotion and publicity of arts activities
  • School-based projects that are outside of the school’s normal activities and provide opportunities for community participation or benefits to the wider community are also eligible.

We administer the funding based on decisions made by a Coromandel Arts and Creative Industries Advisory Board made up of representatives from across the Thames-Coromandel District.

For Guidance and information regarding your application you are encouraged to contact an Advisory Board member from your community:

Rob Johnston - THAMES (021) 780 989
John Eaglen - COROMANDEL (07) 866 7488
Terry Walker - WHANGAMATA (021) 536 580
Bernie Ross - WHANGAMATA (027) 560 7430
Nikky Fisher - TANGATA WHENUA (021) 905 192
Jan Wright - WHITIANGA (027) 224 1927
Jude Elliot - TAIRUA/PAUANUI (027) 476 6019
Warwick Mather - COROMANDEL  

Contact details

For more information please contact:

Governance Team
Creative Communities Scheme Coordinator - Debra Bromley
Phone: +64 7 868 0200