Funding, Sponsorship and Grants

We support local communities in many ways. In this section find out about our contestable community grants, event sponsorship and the creative communities schemes

Purpose of our contestable grants

Local Community Grants: Grants made available by each Community Board to support local activities and initiatives.

Local Community Event Sponsorship: Grants made available by each Community Board to support local events (either through a dedicated event fund or via the Community Grant programme).

Local Economic Development Grants:  The Thames and Coromandel-Colville Community Boards have each set up a fund to support local initiatives that will develop tourism infrastructure and visitor attractions.

Major Event Sponsorship: Grants made available by the Council to support iconic events.

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Which grant programme are you eligible for?

  • Each of the grant programmes has a different set of criteria. 
  • You are welcome to apply for more than one grant, but please be aware that only one grant per organisation (per event or activity) will be granted.
  • If after reading the criteria you have any queries about which grant programme is most applicable to your situation please contact Customer Services on 07 868 0200.