Youth Strategy

Our Council is committed to supporting, helping and engaging with youth around the Coromandel. Our Youth Strategy was adopted in September 2013.

Why do we need a youth strategy?

Youth advisory groups told us during our 2012-2022 Ten Year Plan submissions that a youth strategy was important. We took this on board and spent time meeting with stakeholders and engaging with young people to hear what everyone wanted to see happen.

A workshop was held in August 2013 attended by 18 representatives from across the district (health services, education, Ministries of Youth Development and Social Development, Sport Waikato, along with other youth organisations). Key principles for the development of a youth strategy came out of this meeting. They were:

  • A collaborative approach respecting every organisations mandates, skills, expertise, responsibilities and accountabilities.
  • A focus on needs based on evidence.
  • Keeping it simple and effective
  • Positive action and getting things done.

From this meeting feedback was sought from community boards and groups so our Council could then formulate a youth strategy, which was officially signed off by Council in September 2013.

What is our Youth Strategy trying to do?

  • Bring agencies together
  • Share information and intelligence to provide both a local and district-wide picture
  • Consider alignment between national priorities and local practice and delivery currently
  • Identify gaps in service provision
  • Identify and create opportunities for youth
  • Focus collective resources where possible.

The Strategy is broken down into four areas:

  • Purpose
  • Principles
  • Vision
  • Strategic themes. These themes are education, youth training and employment, health and well-being, justice and crime, youth supporters, youth voice, leisure and social activities.

To read the full youth strategy click here.

Where to next?

We're encouraging all sectors to engage with and listen to our young people. It's important to have their voices heard and they want to have an opportunity to influence decision making which affects them

To see more of how we are collaborating with our districts youth see the Youth section of our website. You can also download our Youth Strategy Action Plan to see a list of milestones and future actions.

Milestone Dates

2011 - Ten Year Plan Submissions where a youth strategy was discussed

2012 - Council commits to the development of a Youth Strategy in the 2012-2022 Ten Year Plan

2013 - Council secures funding from Ministry of Youth Development to support young people to get       involved in the implementation of the Strategy.

2013 - Council adopts its Youth Strategy