Thames Urban Development Strategy

The Thames Urban Development Strategy was endorsed by the Thames Community Board at its meeting in July 2013.


"Thames is a special place with special qualities that can be best described by the importance of Thames in the history of NZ, located within one hour from half of the nation’s population, nestled between rugged bush and seaside, offering boutique elements and heritage precinct, economic potential and outstanding recreational opportunities.”

The Thames Urban Development Strategy is intended to ensure that Thames remains among the best places in New Zealand to live, work and visit.

Thames offers a rare quality of lifestyle for its community and the revitalisation of the town is felt necessary to develop further these existing qualities and to further sustain Thames as an attractive, vibrant and successful regional centre.

Strategy outcomes:

  • Establish a plan that identifies and enhances the unique character and heritage of Thames while providing for future development in a form that will contribute to these qualities.
  • Engage the community in the process through consultation so the outcomes reflect local values and aspirations.
  • Liaise with Council planners and document the Urban Design Concept Plan in a form so it will contribute to the District Plan review.
  • Develop a Strategy and Implementation Plan to achieve the outcomes in a way that optimises the potential of public/private procurement partnerships and minimises Council liabilities for infra-structure etc.
  • Propose a strategy “Brand” that reflects inputs and outputs of the process – which can be used to identify and promote Thames projects and programmes in the wider context.