Long Term Plan 2021-2031

We’re planning a budget to build and maintain the essentials such as roads, water, wastewater and stormwater services, rubbish and recycling, parks and reserves.

What's happening now?

We received 1,623 submissions on our draft LTP consultation document during our public consultation over March-April and 107 people spoke to our Council about their submissions in public hearings. Several of those who spoke on behalf of community groups and other organisations were accompanied by others who also spoke in support of those organisations. A number of people who spoke to their own submission also spoke on behalf of others who had made separate submissions.

Recordings of the LTP hearings can be found at tcdc.govt.nz/meetings

At the public deliberations meeting on 1 June our Council made decisions on allocation of budgets, projects, and services that will make up our 2021-2031 Long Term Plan (LTP), once it is officially signed off.

The rating impact of these decisions is now being calculated, then it will be independently audited by Audit NZ, before our Council can formally adopt the final LTP.

The deliberations meeting agenda is on our website at tcdc.govt.nz/meetings, where you can also view the recording of the meeting.

See our LTP consultation page for more information on the proposals and the supporting documents that we asked for feedback on.

What is the Long Term Plan?

The LTP is a key planning document for the Council that we develop every three years.

The LTP outlines all the things the Council does and how they fit together. It contains the strategic direction for Council’s finances and infrastructure. It identifies what will be done over the plan's 10-year period, why our Council is doing those things, and their costs.

Our current LTP, which covers the 2018-2028 period can be viewed here.