Long Term Plans

Our Long Term Plan (previously called Ten Year Plans) sets out Council's financial priorities for a period of 10 years, and is updated every three years.

We are required, by legislation, to develop a Long Term Plan (LTP), which is to be revised every three years.

What is a Long Term Plan?

The Local Government Act 2002 states that all Councils must produce a Long Term Plan (to be revised every 3 years). The Plan is to ensure the Council:

  • Provides a long-term focus for the decisions and activities of the local authority
  • Provides integrated decision-making and co-ordination of the resources of the local authority
  • Provides an opportunity for participation by the public in decision-making processes on activities to be undertaken by the local authority

Our Long Term Plan allows us to take a long-term view of our responsibilities while enabling us to adjust for changing financial factors and keep budgets up-to-date.

We are required to carry out consultation prior to the adoption of the plan.