Development Contributions Policy

Development contributions are the fees charged by the council for extra community and network infrastructure needed as a result of development projects. Our updated Development Contributions Policy was endorsed by Council on Wednesday 25 June 2015. Consultation was carried out at the same time as consultation for the 2015-2025 Long Term Plan.

Historical background

This Policy was amended on 8 August 2014 following changes to the Local Government Act 2002.

These changes were passed into law on 7 August 2014 and councils are required to incorporate some of these into their policies immediately.

Other changes were included in a Draft Policy publicly available by 1 December 2014. The final policy was consulted on from 1 April - 1 May 2015 and adopted on 24 June 2015.

What are development contributions?

Council uses development contributions to pay for the capital work caused by that development, for the following services:

  • District and Community Transportation,
  • Cemeteries, Land and Building,*
  • Public Conveniences 
  • Solid Waste,*
  • Parks and Reserves,*
  • Halls and Community Centres,
  • Harbour Facilities,*
  • Swimming Pools,*
  • Libraries,*
  • Airfields,*
  • Play equipment on neighbourhood reserves,
  • Water supply,
  • Wastewater,
  • Stormwater,
  • Reserves (for residential development only).

Development contributions may be payable on any new development or subdivision or when someone applies for a building consent or a service connection.

*Due to the changes to the Act, contributions for the services marked with an asterisk above will not be collected for new Council infrastructure projects on consents lodged on or after 8 August 2014.

LGA Schedule 1AA(9) compliance disclosure

In accordance with the Local Government Act 2002 (“LGA”) Schedule 1AA(9), by 1 December 2014 Council must have made publicly available a proposed approach to amending its Development Contributions (“DC”) Policy for adoption by 1 July 2015, in three specified areas being:

  1. Community Infrastructure contributions;
  2. New Purpose and principles provisions; and
  3. Reserves contributions for non-residential developments.

This proposal includes the following information:

  • A summary of key changes to the Development Contributions Policy
  • Information on providing feedback – how to make a submission;
  • An overview of the Development Contributions Policy - what the policy is and how it is applied;
  • Details of the changes proposed to the Policy since its last revision in 2012, and why these changes are proposed;
  • An analysis of options available to the Council relating to the areas proposed for amendment;
  • The proposed Development Contributions Policy.