Tairua Community Plan

The Tairua Community Plan was worked up by the community in 2015 with the assistance of the Tairua-Pauanui Community Board and endorsed by the community board on 22 August 2016.

What's it all about?

The last Tairua Community Plan was developed in 2006 and many of the goals it set have been achieved.

The new community plan was drafted over 2015 by the local community with the assistance of the Tairua-Pauanui Community Board. At its meeting on 22 August 2016 the community board endorsed the new plan.

The new plan can guide development and projects in the community for the next 10 years.

Council has adopted its Long Term Plan (LTP) for 2015-20125, setting its priorities for the District and addressing some big infrastructure issues.

The new Tairua Community Plan includes local priorities identified in Council’s LTP but also other priorities you might have outside of Council.

This is your Community Plan, and as such it is not constrained by Council as the only means to deliver your priorities. This means the plan can identify other delivery organisations, such as community groups.

The Community Plan is a reflection of our shared aspirations. We will achieve these through working together.

How does the Community Plan fit with Council's budgeting and LTP?

The Community Board believes your views are important; however, the financial constraints associated with the review of Council's LTP mean it is unlikely that Council will deliver everything.

This Community Plan will help to capture and retain your views and your priorities, which can then be used to inform/influence Council's budgeting (in the Annual Plan and Long Term Plan, for example).

How do I contribute?

There was a month-long consultation, which ended 23 April 2015, that took the form of a questionnaire that could be filled out with room for comments and suggestions to be added. Community Board members and Council staff were available at a public meeting on the Easter long weekend.

The questionnaire formed the basis for further discussions and workshops with the community. If you are interested in being further involved in meeting some of the objectives identified in this plan please get in touch with the Tairua-Pauanui Community Board.