Sherriff Block Development

(Above: Location of the Sherriff Block in Whitianga. Below: diagram of potential layout to incorporate different recreational activites. Click on the diagram to open a larger version.)


The Sherriff Block in Whitianga is being developed as the site for multiple recreational uses over a 10-year period. 

Public consultation took place in 2021 on the long-term concept plan for development of the site. 

The first stage of this is to provide a designated section of the Sherriff Block for events and concerts from 2023.    

Our Council has signed a contract with Greenstone Events to have the Sherriff Block as the venue for their events over the next 10 years. This includes the Whitianga Summer Concert, which is usually held annually on Auckland Anniversary weekend.

The development of the Sherriff Block will include raising the level of the land using surplus fill from the Waterways development. In December, Council contracted Whitianga Waterways to provide fill and complete the needed earthworks to ready the site for it’s intended long term use.  Council’s contribution is limited to assisting with the management of stormwater from the site.

Hoppers, the owners of the Waterways development, will start moving fill in November 2022, with approximately 90 trucks travelling to the site every day via Moewai Road and Abrahamson Drive.

This first stage of the project is expected to be completed in time for the Whitianga Summer Concert in February 2023.


Council bought the land, at 90 Moewai Road, in 2000 from the Sherriff family as a potential site for recreation, extension to the neighbouring wastewater treatment plant and a possible extension to the Whitianga airfield.

Since then, the land has been used for grazing, with a portion set aside for the Coromandel Rescue Helicopter Trust and the Whitianga Scouts.

There are currently no plans that require the wastewater treatment facility to expand beyond the area it currently occupies.  This gives our Council the opportunity to consider the community needs that have been expressed and to look at multi-use opportunities that could be implemented in this location over the next 10 years.